Difference between EIGRP and OSPF Protocol

Posted: 6 Oct 2017 in CCNA
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While working as a Network Engineer or Network system Administrator or as a Networking student you must have idea about the difference between two major routing protocols EIGRP and OSPF.If you know the difference you know better where to implement them and which one better for you in certain circumstances.Here in this article i am going to point out some major difference between EIGRP and OSPF Routing Protocol.

1.EIGRP is Distance Vetor Routing protocol while OSPF is Link State Routing Protocol.

2.It is quite easy to configure EIGRP while OSPF configuration is little bit Complicated.

3.EIGRP is Less scalable than OSPF.

4.EIGRP supports IPX and AppleTalk while OSPF not.

5.OSPF only Consider or check Bandwidth while calculating optimal path but EIGRP consider Bandwidth as well as delay time,load ,reliability.

6.EIGRP use DUAL (Diffused Update Alogorithm) for best path calculation but OSP uses Dijkstra’s algortihm.

7.EIGRP has faster convergence than OSPF.

8.EIGRP Does not support TE (Traffic Engineering) while OSPF support OSPF-TE.

9.There configurations are also different.

10.There administrative Distance are also different.

11.EIGRP is Cisco Proprietary while OSPF is Open standard.




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