Ethical Hacking online training by satish tiwary 2020

Posted: 6 Jan 2020 in ethical hacking
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Ethical Hacking Training by satish tiwary

100% Practical Ethical hacking Training at Ethical Hacking Tuition center Jaipur only By satish tiwary. This training Module is available for online students too.

Anyone who have basic knowledge of Operating system and Internet can join this training. You don’t need any extra talent to become an Ethical Hacker,Only thing required is correct approach and in depth practical knowledge of operating system and internet.

Ethical Hacking Course Brief:

GNS3 installation and configuration in Windows machine


GNS3 Lab setup for Ethical Hacking


Router IOS setup in GNS3


Windows setup in GNS3


Linux Server setup in GNS3


Different network connection


Routing lab to understand Routing table and Network Infrastructure of a Company and Internet.


Redhat installation and setup


Windows installation and setup


Kali Linux installation and setup


Optimizing Linux


User and group management


Locking unlocking users in Linux


Terminal security


File management and security


Compression decompression


Server client structure


Server management labs


Linux server hardening


Securing Linux server


Data encryption and decryption


Foot printing


Network Scanning/PORT Scanning/Service Scanning


Social engineering attack using different technology


steganograph in Windows

steganograph in Linux

Passive information gathering


active information gathering


Client Side Attack

Web Application attack and Security


TCP/UDP scanning

Web Scanning

Netcat banner grabing

Telnet banner grabing


Web server penetration testing


Denial of service


Deep web and dark


Network exploitation


Brute force attack


Phishing attack


Firewall configuration ufw


CSF custom firewall


Malware detection and prevention


Antivirus installation and security


Rootkits scanning,Detection and Prevention Method


Linux machine audit 


User audit and log handling


Single user mode protection


Bios security


Hard disk security


Telnet proxy and proxy-chain


Web server proxy complete setup


Telnet Security(Security for remote login program)


Auto login


Run level setup


Digital certificate


User management in windows


Disk security in windows


File and folders security in windows


Virtual disks in windows and Linux


USB security in windows and Linux


Browser security






MySQL database server configuration and security


SSH hacking attack


Telnet hacking attack


FTP hacking


HTTP hacking


Windows as FTP and HTTP server


Controlling windows through Kali Linux using ncat


Reverse shell in Windows

Reverse shell in Linux

Processor hacking and it’s solution


USB as ram

Virtual memory in windows

virtual memory in Linux

Registry backup restore and hacking


Proxy through tor


Clear tracks and logs on Linux


Creating payloads for windows


Creating payload for Linux


Creating payload for android

Router security

Attacks on router

Router password cracking and security

Password algorithms in router

Router backup and restore using tftp

Router recovery using FTP Server

Implementing different Types of password on cisco Routers

Implementing different Types of Password on Cisco Switch

Learn to write,compile and run C program on Linux Based Machine

Learn to write,compile and run C++ program on Linux Based Machine

Learn to write,compile and run JAVA program on Linux Based Machine

Learn to write,compile and run PERL program on Linux Based Machine

Learn to write,compile and run Python program on Linux Based Machine

Learn to write,compile and run PHP  program on Linux Based Machine

  • Using host, nslookup, and dig
  • Name resolution
  • DNS roles
  • Understanding DNS working
  • Apache web server features and configurations
  • Apache commands and access control
  • Configure Apache and virtual hosts
  • Securing virtual hosts 
  • Running PHP scripts in Apache
  • Configuring NGINX server 

And many more

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    sir for free?


  2. 360digi says:

    Great post i must say and thanks for the information. Education is definitely a sticky subject. However, is still among the leading topics of our time. I appreciate your post and look forward to more.
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