Kali Linux Training

Kali Linux Training For Ethical Hackers

kali Linux Training

Learn how to use Kali Linux easily and quickly for Hacking
This Training Module is Divided in to Four Parts.

Module:1 Kali Linux Basics With Lab Setup

Use virtualbox for Ethical Hacking Lab setup

Install Kali Linux Graphically.

Setup Kali Linux Network Lab with Virtualization Technique.

Install Windows and RedHat Enterprise Linux as Client Machine.

Create and Configure a Bridge and Internal Network between all OS.

User and Group Management in kali Linux.

Files and Folder Creation,Deletion and Renaming in Kali Linux.

Disk Management.

Compression Decompression in Kali Linux.

Updating,Upgrading,Distro Understanding in kali Linux.

Use Terminator

Reset or Crack Kali Linux Password


Module:2 Kali Linux Administration.

Networking basics in Kali Linux.

Network Scanning in Kali Linux.

Network Monitoring in Kali Linux.

Web Server on Kali Linux.

SSH Server on Kali Linux.

Mysql server installation and Configuration in Kali Linux

postgresql server

metasploit configuration

FTP Server Configuration in Kali Linux.

SAMBA setup and configuration in Kali Linux.

Users Permissions using chmod and ACL.

command Redirection and Controlling OutPut.

DHCP in Kali Linux

Module:3 Hacking With Kali Linux

Setup Client Machines and Targets for Hacking.

Hacking FTP using Kali Linux.

Hacking SSH using Kali Linux.

Hacking WE Services using Kali Linux.

Database Hacking and Password Attacks using Kali Linux

Learn to Download and use Dictionary attack.

Port Scanning using Nmap

IP and Network Scanning

DNS Footprinting

DNS Enumeration

Hacking facebook using Social Engineering

Hacking Gmail using Social Engineering

zenmap tool



Harvestor usage



Intro to SQL injection.

SQL mapping using Kali Linux.

Generating Word list for hacking

information gathering using dmitry tool

information gathering using netdiscover 

information gathering using sparta

Password Attacking through Hydra

Password Attacking through Medusa

Password Attacking through John

Password Attacking through Crunch

Password Attacking through Cewl

Vulnerability Tool Nikto

Scanning Web Application and we sites using wpscan 

Website Information Gathering

DNS Debugger

Scan Website Vulnerablity

Nikto (Website Information Gathering Tool)

Understand Hashing Algorithm

Crack Hash Algorithms

WordPress Security Scanner

Oracle Database Scanning

Finding emails for Hacking

Learn Wireshark Tool

Learn Tshark Network Monitoring Tool

World Map on Terminal


Module:4  System Security using Kali Linux.

Encrypt File and Folder using Kali Linux.

Openssl tool for cryptography

gpg- encryption

Vim Editor Security.

Hide your Real IP from Hackers.

Security Audit using Lynis(Automated Security Testing)

rootkit Scanning

Antivirus installation and usage in Kali Linux.

Encrypting Encrypting ZIP file.

Hiding text inside Images

Cyber Forensic using Windows

kali linux training

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