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This article is all about Paytm QR CODE it’s generation and it’s security but before i write anything about PAYTM I want to make you all clear that I DO NOT work for Paytm nor am I associated with the company in any way.
I used to test QR CODES using QR CODE READER and QR CODE GENERATOR SOFTWARES and other different QR Code
Management tool that allows people to create, design, manage, and track QR Code.



Students learning RHCSA RHCE RHCSS RHCA or all Linux learning students  have to face a major problem when they have to buy a new laptop.They don’t know which laptop they should buy so that it support their RHEL5/6 OS in GUI Mode.Most of the laptops available in market support Linux but not REDHAT ENTERPRISE LINUX.They support Ubuntu,Fedora,Debian and other flavour but not RHEL5/6. (more…)

Everyday someone lost their mobile.As we know now a days mobile is an essential part of our life.Our freinds contacts,our business numbers,our relatives contacts everything we use to store in our mobile.And when we lose this mobile,then the real problem comes to us.We feel helpless and unsecure without our phone.We feel unsecure because many of us use to check our emails using mobile and we also use facebook like networking sites to chat with our freinds and families using facebook.Many of us leave our email accounts logged in and we never logout.So in case our phone get stolen,our email id also get stolen and we lost our privacy and many chances we are going to loose our email id too. Many of us has faced this problem. (more…)