ccna lab test paper to be performed using cisco packet tracer

Posted: 21 Dec 2018 in CCNA
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This is a CCNA Combined LAB test for two USERS.

This is a classroom test paper for students learning CCNA at ethical hacking Tuition center jaipur.

Any students who is preparing for ccna or doing CCNA Training can be able to perform this lab.

This Lab question can be solved by using Cisco Packet Tracer Software. You have to use multi-user Function of Cisco Packet Tracer to solve this question.

Students have to draw the Topology Diagram in Cisco Packet Tracer with the help of this question Paper and Then solve the paper.

  • There are two network engineer in a company say USER1 and USER2.
    USER1 controlling 3 routers and USER2 also controlling same number of routers.
    Both USER1 and USER2 LAB are connected with each other Through Router R3 and R4.
    Router R1 is connected with Router R2 and a switch and that switch is connected with DNS server.
    Router R2 is connected with Router R1 and R3.
    Router R3 is also connected with a switch which is connected with FTP Server and TFTP Server.
    Router Connected with DNS server is owned by USER1.

  • Router R6 is connected with Router R5 and NTP server
    Router R5 is connected with Router R4 and Router R6
    Router R4 is connected with Syslog server.
    Router R5 is also connected with switch and with switch mail server connected and web server also connected with the same switch

  • The gmail client PC and hotmail client PC for both users USER1 and USER2 are connected with Switches in each user section.
    The PC get its ip from Router which is DHCP server.
    The server is connected with Router R1.
  • Telnet server is configured on router R2 and R5
    ssh server is configured on router R3 and R4
    ALL router times are synchronized with NTP Server.
    Routers R3 and R4 logfiles are saved on syslog server and its configuration backup will be saved on tftp server.

Anyone who is interested can perform this lab and share me through comment section.If any suggestion then welcome to


Important Notice:

Please Read the question carefully before solving. there is maximum possibility of confusion if you start solving this lab without proper planning and understanding the question very carefully.


Who can Try This?

Anyone who is preparing for ccna exam or interested in networking.


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