Linux admin with Security

Linux Server Administration


Lab setup in Virtualbox

Network setup in VirtualBox

Basic Linux commands

File and Folder Management

hard link and symbolic link

Editors in Ubuntu Linux

cut/copy/paste in Linux

user management in Linux

Understanding /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow

group management in Linux

Permissions in Linux


Disk Management

Understanding /etc/fstab

swap memory

lvm management


loop devices

Package Management

Memory Management

Process Management

Networking in Ubuntu Linux

setting hostnames

managing network interfaces

static ip address assignement

SSH Server Configuration and Management
Telnet Server Configuration and Management
CHAT Server Configuration
Proxy Server Configuration
Chainproxy Configuration and Management
File Tranfer through SCP

NFS: File Sharing using NFS

http Apache web server configuration
HTTP Proxy Server Configuration Lab

Apache Virtual Hosting


Sendmail server Configuration Lab
Postfix mail server configuration Lab
Exim Email server configuration Lab

Social engineering
Port Scanning
Host To IP DNS Enumeration
WordPress hacking
different CMS scanning and Hacking
Rootkit Scanning and removal
Malware Analysis and detection
Antivirus configuration in Linux
Linux System Audit
Firewall installation
Firewall Configuration
Firewall rules and tricks
Firewall Backup and Restore
Puplic key and private Key lab
Create Self signed CA Certificate
Physical Security

Physical Security Concepts

Single User Mode Security

Single User Mode and Blank Passwords

Securing the Boot Loader

Disk Encryption

File Attributes

File Attributes Demo
Kernel based Security

Selinux Policy







Terminal Locking or Terminal Security

Grub Security simple Text Security

Grub Security using encrypted password

BIOS Security

USB security

PAM Based Security

Connection Based Security

Network Based Security

IP Based Security

Time based Security

Load Based Security

Connection Based Security


Virtual File system

Attributes in Linux and Windows

Hard Drive Security

Locking/Unlocking Users

Auto-login Setup inside Linux Servers

Password Algorithm and Implementation


Compression/Decompression with password Protection

Methods of Encryption Decryption over compressed File.

VIM Security

Soft Linking and Hard Linking

File Breaking and joining

OS PAssword Cracking

Password Bypass

Unauthorized access of File System

Hacking Linux Machine Password

Browser Configuration

Browser security

Hard Disk Wiping

Disk Zeroing

host security

port security

user security

console security

Desktop security

command Line security

USB firewall

USB security

Hard Disk Cloning

Email security