CCNA LAB Test Paper: using Cisco Packet Tracer,

CCNA LAB Test Paper at Ethical Hacking Tuition Center

Total Question :1

Total marks= 200

Passing Marks = 120

Test Paper Prepared By satish Tiwary


Storage Management Training Syllabus: Ethical Hacking Tuition Center Jaipur

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Access Mobile Webcam,Microphone and Get Mobile Location using Kali Linux using STROM Breaker.

As we all already know CamPhish – Control Front Camera of Mobile and PC and you can do that using Kali Linux and Termux. But If your Camphish link is not generated no need to worry. I have solution for that. I have found and tested another similar software for that.

ngrok direct link is not working on camphish Problem solved using this tool. Seriously this is an excellent hacking tool to hack webcam & trace mobile location and device information by just sending a link. 

Direct link is not generated in termux ? Then watch below video. You will get alternative tool for that.

Features of This Tool:

Get Device Information Without Any Permissions

Access Location [SMARTPHONES]

Os Password Grabber [WINDOWS-10]

Access Webcam

Access Microphone

Strom-Breaker an Alternative for Camphish.

#git clone
# cd Storm-Breaker
# bash
#python3 -m pip install -r requirments.txt
# sudo python3

Cisco Packet Tracer Lab Test: CCNA First week Test Paper

The total Number of HOST in a Subnet is 14 For a Class B network.

Find the 6th subnet and use it for the lab.
The ip address of 6th Subnet will be divided equally among two users Ajay and Murli.

Odd IP Address will be assigned to Murli and Even Address will assigned to User Ajay.

Each User have two Packet Tracer one for server and other For Client pc. In Total 4 packet Tracer including Both users.

And all these Packet Tracers will be connected with each other.

DHCP DNS FTP server will be assigned even ip address and HTTP ,Email Server will be assigned odd IP Address.

Each server has a domain name.
Also each client pc has a domain name.

there will total 4 PC equally distributed among Both users and will be used for sending emails.

Simplest method to connect two Network using Router: Cisco Packet Tracer Lab.

Learn how to communicate computers from different network with each other.

Let’s Learn connecting two PC from Different Network with each other.

This is an Example Lab Showing Basic Network communication using Cisco Packet Tracer.

We have two networks here total: and

This will be your First Routing Lab in CCNA.

This Packet Tracer Lab is meant to make you understand the Basic Concept of Routing.

Routing is required Only when there is any Indirectly Connected network available.

For Directly Connected Network we don’t need to configure any Routing, just assign ip address and gateway ip and that is enough.

Just by reading this article you will understand why we need routing and why we not.

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RIP Routing Lab with 5 Routers: Cisco Packet Tracer Lab.

This Lab is all about RIP Routing Configuration. I have taken total 5 Routers to demonstrate this Routing Lab using Cisco Packet Tracer. Since this lab is focused on RIP routing, I will mention RIP routing Configuration steps only and no ip address basic things. I want to assume here that you already know how to assign ip address on routers. But If You don’t know i have already written article on that.

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Static Routing lab with 5 Routers: Cisco Packet tracer Lab.

As you can clearly see in this cisco packet tracer lab i have taken total 5 Routers and 6 Networks:

I am going to show you how to configure static routing with this Example Lab.Here I assume that you know how to configure IP Address on PC and Routers. This lab is simply focused on static Routing.

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EIGRP configuration Lab having Two Routers and Both having same autonomous system number.

In this lab is have shown how to configure EIGRP in very simple way. This is the simplest method to configure EIGRP on cisco routers.

In EIGRP we tell Routers about Directly Connected Networks.

Autonomous System(AS):is a group of networks under a single administrative control.

An AS can be a ISP or a large Enterprise Organization.

IGP handles Routing Within AS(Autonomous System)


Note:EGP handles routing between AS.

BGP is the obly EGP.


Autonomous System Number(ASN) is a 16bit binary number and we can represent it as 2^16 numbers which is equal to 65536.

Range of ASN 0 to 65535

0-65535 Reserved

1-64511 Internet Routing – ISP AS

64512-65534 Private Use- Private AS

EIGRP Configuration on Router R1:


R1(config)#router eigrp 1





EIGRP Configuration on Router R2:

R2(config)#router eigrp 1






Static routing configuration Lab using two Routers and Having three Networks.

We are going to configure static route between router R1 and R2 in this lab with the help of cisco packet tracer.

In static routing Configuration we have to tell the Routers about Indirectly Connected Networks. Although static routing configuration is so complex when network is too big or number of routers are so much.

It is practically not feasible to implement static routing in big companies where there are so many routers. In that case you can use Dynamic Routing like RIP Routing,EIGRP and OSPF.


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RIP Routing Lab Having Two Routers and Total Three Network- A cisco Packet Tracer Lab CCNA.

RIP configuration using Two routers using cisco packet tracer. This is an easy example to show how to configure RIP on Cisco Routers.

RIP routing is used by Small and Mid Level companies. There is no difference in RIPv1 and RIPv2 Configuration.

In RIP routing we just have to mention the directly connected Network.

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ccna practice test final exam online:

ccna lab test prepared by Satish Tiwary for Networking students. It is Corporate Scenario Based Lab test. Read the Question paper carefully and Perform. You must Read the question paper thrice ,then only you will be able to Understand this Question and Solve it easily.


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CCNA Test PAPER-1 Conducted by satish Tiwary at Ethical Hacking Tuition center Jaipur.

Read The Question and Perform the Lab:

You are Free to choose Routing Protocol you want to use in This Lab:

The Conditions and the Points are mentioned in the below Image clearly.SO please Read and Understand the the Image carefully.

Software used to Perform this Lab: Cisco Packet Tracer

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Backup and Restore Router Configuration in just few simple steps.

Backup and Restore Router Configuration using TFTP.

This tutorial is all about how to take your Routers configurations backup in case of Power failure and How to restore it Back.

For Backup and Restore we will use TFTP server here in this Lab,But if You want you can take FTP Server too for Backup and Restore.

Backup and restore Router Configuration using TFTP Server

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Syslog and NTP:Cisco Packet Tracer Configuration lab

Syslog(log server) and NTP(Time Server):Cisco Packet Tracer Configuration lab.

Time Server and Log server Configuration Lab using Cisco Packet Tracer for ccna Students or Networking Guys.This will help you to understand Syslog and NTP server Working Principal.


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Configure IP Address,deafult-gateway,console password,login banner,telnet,enable password on switch.

This tutorial is all about Switch configuration and we are going to Learn ip assignment method on switch.

Also we learn how to assign default gateway on cisco Switch. At the same time we learn BANNER Configuration on Cisco switch,How to setup Telnet Server on cisco switch For Remote Management of SWITCH.

We also look after the password management on switch Like enable password and enable secret password on Cisco switch.

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Cisco Packet Tracer : Static Routing Configuration Lab using Four Routers and total six network.

This is simply a static Routing Configuration Lab Showing and Explaining Static Route Configuration using four Routers in a cisco packet tracer.

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ospf routing configuration lab in packet tracer using Subnetting.

This is an IP subnetting lab with examples showing how to configure OSPF Routing with subnetted IP.Here for example i have taken a class C IP and subnetted it. You can clearly see the subnetting in below image.

Using subnetting i have Divided Network in to 8 Parts as you can see in below subnetting chart.

Now if you want to communicate these ip with each other then you need to configure Routing. and here I have used OSPF routing for example to show the communication using subnetting.

IP Subnetting with OSPF Routing Configuration Explained: Packet Tracer Lab

IP subnetting lab with examples

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Learn to take Backup of your Routers or Switch using FTP Server or TFTP Server.In this lab i have shown how to take backup of your routers configuration using FTP server as well as using TFTP server. I have also shown how to configure FTP server on Router.

We will also learn to take backup or Routers RAM data and ROM data both using FTP and TFTP methods.

we will learn the easy process of restore data from FTP server or TFTP server back to Router.



Router Configurations Backup and Restore using FTP and TFTP Method.

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RIP Routing Configuration using Three Routers in Cisco Packet Tracer.Just to show you how to configure RIP Routing in few easy steps I have written this article. For RIP Routing Demonstration I have used Cisco Packet Tracer Software. The number of Routers used for this RIP routing Lab are three.I have shown RIPv2 configuration using cisco packet tracer.And I have also shown how to check which routing protocol is configured on a Router if you are new to The Company.

Total Number of Networks is Four:

  • First Network is
  • Second network is
  • Third Network is
  • Fourth Network is

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