Backup and Restore Router Configuration using Ftp server:a cisco packet tracer lab

Posted: 24 Dec 2017 in CCNA
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This is a cisco packet tracer lab showing how to backup and restore router configuration using a ftp server.So in this tutorial we will learn how to take backup of router configuration over a ftp server and how to restore it back from ftp server when we need it.This is a detail tutorial about router configuration backup and restoration using ftp server,but instead of FTP server one can use TFTP server too.

router backup

Step 1:Draw the above diagram and arrange the device as it is and configure FTP server.

Note: Here tiwary is the username and tiwary123 is it’s password.

This username and password will be used to login ftp server.

Step2: Assign ip address on router interface and enable port configure enable password or telnet whatever you want to configure.

Router#configure terminal

Router(config)#interface FastEthernet0/0
Router(config-if)#ip address
Router(config-if)#no shutdown

Step 3:configure enable password or telnet and even more whatever you want to configure.

here i am configuring enable password and Telnet on router.

Router(config)#enable password redhat
Router(config)#line vty 0 4
Router(config-line)#password telnet123

Step4: Save running-config data to startup-config

Router#copy run start
Destination filename [startup-config]?
Building configuration...[OK]

Step 5: Create FTP User and Assign  Ftp users passwords on Router.

Remember this username and password must be same as username and password assigned on your FTP server.

Router#config t
Router(config)#ip ftp username tiwary
Router(config)#ip ftp password tiwary123

Step 6: Backup router Configuration on FTP server.

Router#copy run ftp:
Address or name of remote host []?
Destination filename [Router-confg]?
Writing running-config...[OK - 650 bytes]650 bytes copied in 0.067 secs (9000 bytes/sec)


 Now Delete Startup-config from Router

Router#erase startup-config

 Delete Running-Config from router.


After reload your router will be a fresh router, a brand new router.


Before Restore you have to assign IP address to Router Interface and run no shutdown command.


Step7: Restore from backup file kept over FTP

Router#copy ftp: running-config
Address or name of remote host []?
source filename []? Router-confg
Destination filename [running-config]?
Accessing[OK - 650 bytes]650 bytes copied in 0.002 secs (325000 bytes/sec)

If you are new to Networking or Cisco Packet Tracer you can Learn How to Use Cisco Packet Tracer in Just one Video.


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