Network security and Penetration Testing Complete Lab setup using GNS3

Posted: 24 Feb 2020 in Network Security
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Let’s Learn how to setup a complete Lab for Network Security Training, Penetration Testing Training as well As CCNA Cyber Ops Training.
This setup is not only for network security But you can use this Lab setup for Ethical Hacking Training ,Cyber Security Training.
This will help you to understand the Real world scenario of network setup and Cyber Attacks.


I have Designed the whole Lab setup in a Pattern and in simple steps that will make your lab setup easy and user friendly.

Network Security LAB 1: first Learn how to Download,install and setup GNS3 inside your Windows Machine.

In this first section of lab we will learn how to install GNS3 properly inside your windows Machine so that it work perfectly without any error.



Network Security LAB 2: How to Add Router IOS Image in GNS3.

In this Lab we will learn how to integrate Router IOS inside GNS3 so that you can use Real World router Image and Practice your Routing related labs.

Remember: The commands you run in these Routers are same as real world Routers because the operating system I am using inside this is same as Real World  Routers operating system.



Network Security LAB 3: How will you connect Routers inside GNS3 with real Networks.

here we will learn how to connect Routers which are inside GNS3 with real networks. I will show you all the settings and configuration you need to know for such communication. Just watch this video very carefully otherwise you will miss it.



Network Security LAB 4: How to connect Host PC  with Router inside GNS3.

This is the Basic lab to connect PC or Computers with routers in GNS3.

This lab is mainly focused on how to assign ip address and gaetway ip on pc inside GNS3 machine and How to setup ip address and gateway ip on router.


Network Security LAB 5:Connect your GNS3 With Kali Linux OS

First of All you need to know how to install and configure Kali Linux inside VirtualBox for work properly.

Now I am going to  show you how to configure your Virtualbox and GNS3 so that Kali linux can communicate with routers in GNS3.

This will help you to perform attack and audit on Routers using kali Linux.



Network Security Lab 6: How to configure and setup ASA Firewall in GNS3.

In this section you will learn about ASA Firewall.

Like how to setup this ASA firewall inside GNS3.


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