Why should i learn CCNA and what will i do after CCNA? scope and job of CCNA professionals

Posted: 5 Jul 2016 in CCNA
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Most of IT guys learning CCNA and one common question arises in everyone’s mind and that is
what will be their role in company after completing CCNA?
What will be their job profie?
Is doing CCNA is safe or not?
What is career in CCNA?
Where we will be after 5 years if started career in CCNA?
What is the salary of a CCNA Fresher?
What will be salary after 2 year experience?
Do we need any other certification or training with CCNA? if yes then which one?
Which is best for career CCNA or LINUX?

In this article you will get approx answer of almost all above questions.

IF you are learning CCNA or even you are thinking of doing it,I will suggest do it.But don’t just
stick with CCNA Certification.
1.You must have nice lab practice of almost all ccna labs and also few labs which are not even
mentioned in ccna syllabus.
2.Keep reading blogs related to ccna or youtube videos on ccna or networking related.

3.You can use any software like GNS3 or Cisco Packet Tracer for your lab practice.

4.Learn the concept clearly.

Job Titles for CCNA Holders are:

• Junior Network administrator
• Technical support Engineer(IT)
• Network Engineer
• Sr. Network Engineer
• Information Technology (IT)
• Network Administrator (IT)
• Sr. Systems Engineer (Computer Networking/IT)

cisco certification list

Typical Job Tasks for CCNA or CCNA level Candidates:

CCNA professionals or Networking professionals in the starting of their job perform functions for
small sized or mid-sized networks including network installation,setup windows
networking,Linux Networking, Router or switch configuration,
and operation for tasks such as
connecting to a WAN from a remote location,
Monitoring Network Connectivity,
establishing wireless network access,
and protecting from basic security threats.

Not only this , CCNA professionals also have to work with network related protocols such as
IP,LAN,WLAN, Ethernet, intranet,VLAN, access control lists (ACLs),Static Routing,Default
Routing,Null routing, RIPv1 and RIPv2,EIGRP and OSPF routing.

If you ask me is doing CCNA is safe or not?

My answer will be yes its safe if you are really intrested in it and not only thinking about
job.Because CCNA will start your career in the field of networking.You have enough scope in this
field to enhance your skill and test the power of your brain..
Even after CCNA you can learn CCNA-Security which will be a plus point.
CCNA VOICE ,CCIE etc even other options you will get after one by one.


SALARY of CCNA professionals.

$31,501-119,059 per Payscale.com
But in India its different.
And salary also varies city wise.I mean in jaipur it is different and in pune its different.
CCNA Professionals salary varies country wise and currency wise.
But after 2 year of experience you will get a handsome salary for sure.

ccna salary in india

ccna ccnp ccie income

CCNA with LINUX is best combination.(You may or may not be agree with me on this point)

If you will ask me which is better among CCNA and LINUX?

My answer is it depends on country or loaction you are.
Know the market demand of your country or place where you want the job.
So it will be different for different people and it also depends on your subject of interest.


IF you ask me what is Future of CCNA specially in INDIA?

My answer is india is getting digitalised. Internet users are increasing day by day in india.To meet this demand many new companies or internet service provider are coming in indian market,Even Facebook google are investing in India in internet support and service.with increase in demand of internet market will need network professionals in LAKHS.


Popular Employer for Network Engineers:

here is the list of companies which provides job to ccna ccnp ccie or networking students.
HCL Technologies Ltd.
Ericsson Inc.
Wipro Technologies Ltd
CISCO Systems Inc.
Aricent Inc
Nokia Semens Networks
Techmahindra Ltd.



You can see below how to start your career in field of networking and where it ends.

beginners who started learning they think that they are going to learn some professional courses so they come to class properly dressed but as soon as they start learning ccna they feel they need to be in some comfort zone physically so they came in normal dress or they dress lightly.But when they reached to CCNP level which is slightly tougher than ccna and more complex while troubleshooting they feel that they even dont need shirts their body need some fresh air so that their mind can work fast and properly.

when they reached to CCIE level only thing matter is time and complete focus.They even don’t have time for dressing and shaving.

ccna ccnp ccie

online training


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