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Whenever we Download or Upload a Files from any machine the FTP Protocols comes in to service.FTP stand for File Transfer Protocol.It’s names say everything about self. Whether you Download a File From Server or Upload a File up on server FTP comes in use.

DOWNLOADING: When data get transferred from Server to Client the process is known as Downloading.


UPLOADING: When data transferred from client to Server the Process is known as Uploading.

So whether you transfer file from server to client or client to server ,in both case the data get transferred and whenever or wherever the data get transferred from one place to another the FTP protocol comes in to use.

So today in This tutorial we will learn how to Configure this FTP service on Redhat enterprise Linux and also learn how to use it.I use very simple and short steps to mention the configuration of FTP Server configuration and FTP Client Configuration along with its command and usage. (more…)