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Posted: 9 Feb 2019 in linux test paper
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This question paper has been set to help you test the proper functioning of your Brain.If everything good and your Brain working properly then only you can be able to solve this question. If you are a Linux Admin or a Linux user then this question paper is for you. Even if you are learning Linux and you have completed Basic Linux then this question paper will help you examine whether you are going great or you need to invest some more energy and time on your learning process.

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Total Question =1 total marks=100 pass marks=80 Duration= Depends on students No time bound

Linux Question Paper 1


1.create a swap file named swp of 100mb and in the same folder where swap file exist create an another file named satish.txt which will contain all the
commands used to perform this lab along with output and satish.txt file must be password protected and the password of this file will be the size of
volume group named vg00.

Note:Both file mentioned above created under a raid-5 device named /dev/md0 which is mounted over /F.

Also Remember there are three files inside /E directory named a.txt , b.txt and c.txt each of size 200mb

There is a file named a inside /root directory which size is 1GB.

/E directory is mounted over loop device /dev/loop0 and /dev/loop0 is attached with the file a which is inside /root directory.

The RAID-5 devices created in this lab has made over lvm named /dev/vg00/lv1, /dev/vg00/lv2 and /dev/vg00/lv3 .

But don’t forget that these lvm partitions are created from volume group vg00 which is create over loop device /dev/loop1, /dev/loop2,/dev/loop3

such that /dev/loop1 is attached with a.txt ,/dev/loop2 is attached with b.txt and /dev/loop3 is attached with c.txt

Important Notice:

Please don’t use any imaginary name during this lab. You have to use the names of file folders,volume groups,lvm and raid device
according to names mentioned in question paper otherwise your answer will be considered as wrong.
After creating the above LAB you have to mention the deletion process too.

And Don’t forget to draw the flow chart diagram of this question in a neat and clean image.

After few days of exam I will solve the same question paper on my YouTube channel SLASHROOTDOTIN.



 Linux Question paper 2

For Basic Linux users

To perform this lab you need two Linux Machine.

Must read the complete question twice and understand it properly before you start configuring the lab.

use the user,files,folders name as it has been mentioned in question. You can’t use name according to your choice.

On machine1 we have 5 files. which names are swp,a.txt,b.txt,c.txt,s.txt

swp and c.txt inside b1 directory whereas b.txt and s.txt inside b2 directory and a.txt inside both c1 and c2 directory.

folder c1 is inside d1 folder and d3 folder while c2 is inside d2 and d4 folder.

b1 is inside c1 folder and b2 is inside c2 folder.


There are also folders e1, e2 ,e3 ,e4 and e5 and all these folders are inside /E directory.

There are also d1 ,d2 ,d3 and d4 directory

d1 is inside e1
d2 is inside e1 e2
d3 is inside e3 and e4
d4 is inside e4 and e5


Note: you have to create a new partition of at least 1 GB in size and mount it on /E Directory.



swp is a swap file of size 500MB
s.txt is file of size 100MB with no content inside.
a.txt ,b.txt and c.txt must have same content,size,permission,user owner and group owner

the content inside a.txt will be the recording of all command you run to complete this lab.


Note:There is a file named hacking.txt inside /tmp folder on another linux machine which must have the same content that file a.txt have.

the user owner of file hacking.txt is hack10 user
the group owner of file hacking.txt python
permissions are u=rwx,g=rw,o=r

There are total 30 users and three groups on machine2.

users are in sequence of hack{1..10}

hacker,python and java are three groups

users inside hacker group are from hack1 to hack5

user inside python group are from python1 to python5

user inside java group are from java1 to java5

user java5 has rw permisson

user python5 has r permisson and python1 has rwx permisson.

user hack1 has read only permission.

hacking.txt file is also linked with a file inside /root directory whose name is training.txt

hacking.txt must be password protected

the password of hacking.txt will be the mac address of linux machine1


If you don’t Know How to create multiple users in Linux through scripting read this: User and Group management in Linux.

If you have solved the question paper you can send me the step wise command in comment section.

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