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Learn to use netcat command in windows and kali Linux both. learn to communicate using netcat.Learn the installation  and configuration of netcat on windows and kali Linux.ncat is an important and light weight network penetration testing and ethical hacking tool available for almost all operating system.

Here we will discuss about ncat command or netcat or nc command line tool.

This tool is used for penetration testing as well as information gathering and gaining the access of any machine.



In this article we will learn how to bypass Phone Number Verification of any Website.

Learn OTP Bypass for any websites including Facebook,gmail,twitter etc

As we all know most of the sites needed our mobile number verification before accessing there data. If we not get verified they didn’t allow us to access there site or main content. But now it is possible to access data of any website even without Phone Number Verification. Here in this article i will show you how to do that.We will also learn how to hide our original phone number and use a virtual phone number to communicate, to text someone or to call someone and hence be anonymous.

While you reading this article keep one thing in your mind that if you are using the knowledge shared in this article for any illegal activities i will not be responsible for that and you may be fined or jailed for any illegal activities according the level of your crime and laws of your country.So be careful and use it for educational purpose only and awareness.
I am going to give you the list of website from where you can do all this.



Today I am going to show you how you can hack any wi-fi device using hardware’s easily available on many online site today like amazon and ebay and many more. If you are working on any networking projectsa or hacking projects or learning ethical hacking then this will help you so much.I will also discuss what software’s we need to make these device work properly. I will also mention step wise tutorial how to use these software with these device.I am using ESP8266 Wi-Fi JAMMER Device which is available on Amazon at very low price. I also have uploaded a series of Videos on my Youtube Channel showing how to configure this wi-fi jammer and how to use it.I will also give you the link of those videos which will help you to do your task more easily.

Note:This tutorial is only for Educational Purpose and I will not be Responsible for any Misuse of it. (more…)

Advance Linux and System Security Test (A question Paper for Adavance user)