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Today I am going to show you how you can hack any wi-fi device using hardware’s easily available on many online site today like amazon and ebay and many more. If you are working on any networking projectsa or hacking projects or learning ethical hacking then this will help you so much.I will also discuss what software’s we need to make these device work properly. I will also mention step wise tutorial how to use these software with these device.I am using ESP8266 Wi-Fi JAMMER Device which is available on Amazon at very low price. I also have uploaded a series of Videos on my Youtube Channel showing how to configure this wi-fi jammer and how to use it.I will also give you the link of those videos which will help you to do your task more easily.

Note:This tutorial is only for Educational Purpose and I will not be Responsible for any Misuse of it.

STEP 1:First Know What we will Learn in this article.

STEP 2: Get your Wi-Fi Jammer Device Ready.

I have Purchased it from Amazon.So you can also Buy it from same place.It’s too cheap and so small.You can easily keep it inside your pocket.

You can get the device purchase link from my YouTube channel.

Step 3: Get Your Arduino Compiler Ready

First you need to Download the source code of this project.

Then you need to Install Arduino software  and open it.Remember that your wi-fi jammer device should not be connected duting software installation and you need Internet connection for this.


Open Arduino software and  Go to File > Preferences


Then Add to the Additional Boards Manager URLs. (source:

(I have already downloaded it and shared link of all softwares you need so you can download all these from my links too.)

Now  Go to Tools > Board > Boards Manager


Then you need to Type in esp8266


 Select version 2.0.0 and click on Install (must be version 2.0.0!)


You can see the installation process in my Video carefully.


Again you have to Go to File > Preferences

Open the folder path under More preferences can be edited directly in the file


 Go to packages > esp8266 > hardware > esp8266 > 2.0.0 > tools > sdk > include


Open user_interface.h with a text editor i prefer Notepad++ software for this.


Now  using Notepad++  line number 449 past this lines


typedef void (*freedom_outside_cb_t)(uint8 status);
int wifi_register_send_pkt_freedom_cb(freedom_outside_cb_t cb);
void wifi_unregister_send_pkt_freedom_cb(void);
int wifi_send_pkt_freedom(uint8 *buf, int len, bool sys_seq);
screenshot of notepad, copy paste the right code


don’t forget to save!


Again Go to the SDK_fix folder of this project

 Copy  ESP8266Wi-Fi.cpp   and   ESP8266Wi-Fi.h


 Paste these files here packages > esp8266 > hardware > esp8266 > 2.0.0 > libraries > ESP8266WiFi > src

STEP 4:Download the Project.

Download all Required software from here:


STEP 5:Wi Fi Jammer Configuration using arduino.


STEP 6: How to Use Wifi Jammer

Bydefault username and password is

wifi name – pwned

password – deauther

  1. Don says:

    password kaise hack kare wo video banaye na pls sir


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