This way you can a tech job and then eventually can move into a cybersecurity role

Posted: 15 Jan 2020 in ethical hacking
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Cyber Security Jobs are getting attentions of youth now a days. People ask me how to get cyber security Jobs, because many companies looking for experienced guys in this filed.

Now What? You have no Experience in cyber security what will you do then?

What did you all do to overcome this hurdle and gain the necessary experience to even be considered for the interview?

Many of ask me How to start my career in Cyber Security? They told me that their few friends have cyber security certifications and still they are not getting the job. What should we do now to get the job?

what should we do now to build a successful career in cyber security?

My View:

First Step: I would recommend get some high quality IT training 1st (e.g. linux+ network+) 1st.

This way you can a technical job like Linux System Admin or Network Engineer and then eventually can move into a cybersecurity role.

I would not be optimistic about getting a cybersecurity job with a CEH & no industry experience.

Keep in Mind that certifications are useful but not necessary to get a Job in cyber security Field.

A sound knowledge of IT and Good Practice of tools and technology which are in used and in latest trend will help you get a good job.


Second Step:It depends where you are starting from and what is your current skill set.

Remember when I say  depends on you from where you starting it simply means your current status in IT sector.

Software’s and tools you are using and you have practiced on.

How much time you spend on reading IT Related things not necessarily cyber security related,even internet or operating system related.


If your general IT knowledge is strong then working through the Security+ curriculum would give you a good breadth of knowledge and better awareness of what areas you might like to dive deeper into.

If your IT knowledge is weak ……………

then focus on building that, especially networking and Linux.

Whatever you do, make sure you are comfortable with the Linux command line as Linux should feature heavily in any cyber security  degree.


Third and Most Important Step: Go for some most demanding IT Training and get that skill any how.



Fourth Step: Cyber security jobs For Freshers

when you are Fresher in cyber security field,just look for cyber security jobs which is for freshers only.

Also keep an eye on related jobs like system admin,network admin,technical support engineer where you get a chance to perform what you have learned.

Always keep updating yourself because this field required a quick update now a days every month.

keep reading about cyber security market and new policies made for cyber technology or related field.

Keep an eye on cyber security news and hacking related news because these updates can be utilize positively during interview.

Try to know job specific tools used widely during cyber security these days.



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