Ethical Hacking Training

Ethical Hacking training available now at ethical Hacking Tuition center jaipur

Both online and Classroom Training available

I have Two Courses for Ethical Hacking Training Modules. The First one is For 65 to 70 days and it covers the ethical hacking along with part of cyber security portion with basics of linux and Networking.You can get this Training in Both mode depends on your comfort Zone. Either you can join me in my classroom Training at Ethical hacking Tuition center jaipur or You can take class Online Through Skype or Teamviewer. There is no difference between My Online and Classroom training Program.

I have another course which is of Duration 7-8 Months and which include almost everything in IT sector required to be a good Ethical Hacker. In this 8 Months Course duration we will study Basic Linux, Advance Linux with servers , Storage management,Windows Optimization security & tips/tricks, Android Security,Networking(ccna),Website Designing and Development ,Server Security,Firewall,Cryptography,and then Ethical Hacking at last through kali Linux and other Tools.

Course Few topics:

  • Information Gathering using kali Linux and redhat
  • Different methods of Password Attacks
  • Wireless Network penetration Testing
  • Windows and Linux Exploitation Tools
  • Sniffing & Spoofing
  • Website security and web Hacking Testing

  • Social engineering
  • Port Scanning
  • Host To IP DNS Enumeration
  • WordPress hacking
  • different CMS scanning and Hacking
  • Rootkit Scanning
  • System Security Audit
  • Firewall installation
  • Firewall Configuration
  • Firewall rules and tricks
  • Firewall Backup and Restore
  • Cryptography
  • Openssl
  • digital certificate
  • Puplic key and private Key lab
  • Create Self signed CA Certificate

Password Hacking and password security

  • Hacking FTP username and Password
  • Hacking http or https passwords
  • hacking RDP Protocol
  • Hack ssh server
  • hack telnet server

System exploitation Tools

  • Hacking through Metasploit

Sniffing & Spoofing:

  • Setoolkit
  • SSLtrip
  • pyPISHER
  • SMTP Mailer

Web Hacking:

  • Learn how to hack Drupal based site
  • How to hack Linkedin in LAN
  • WordPress & Joomla Scanner and hacking
  • Pintrest hacking through Phishing attack
  • File Upload Checker
  • WordPress Exploit Scanner
  • WordPress Plugins Scanner
  • facebook hacking Through Phishing
  • facebook hacking through social engineering Attacks
  • Twitter hacking through Phishing attack.
  • Netflix hacking through Phishing in same network.
  • Microsoft sites cloning
  • Instagram hacking and site cloning

 Learn Private WEB HACKING

  • Get all websites
  • Get joomla websites
  • Get wordpress websites
  • Get server users
  • Ports Scan (range of ports)
  • ports Scan (common ports)
  • Get server Info
  • ethical hacking training



Note: Both ethical Hacking Training Modules are Completely Practical(Lab Based)