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In this tutorial we will learn how to configure EIGRP Authentication on cisco router using cisco packet tracer.This lab is based on EIGRP Authentication using MD5 hashing Algorithm.To encrypt every message the MD5 algorithm is used. EIGRP Authentication is configured to prevent the hackers from forming the EIGRP neighbor relationship with your router and advertising incorrect routing information.

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This tutorial is all about NTP Authentication configuration on cisco perform this lab i have used cisco packet tracer Lab.To ensure that erroneous time information is not propagated throughout the network, NTP authentication can be configured. (more…)

In this lab we will learn how to send messages to users logged in to the same router.For this we need to create a telnet program on router and then create some users on router.After that we will login to router through different computer and with different users.And then we will send messages to all users logged into the router or to send a message to any particular user. (more…)

Today in this article i am going to discuss about DHCP SNOOPING attacks by hackers.Here in this article i will show you how DHCP SNOOPING Occurs and how to stop such attacks.But before you learn how to stop dhcp snooping attacks i will love to brief about DHCP SNOOPING ATTACK.

It is a type of  hacking attack in which ip address will be provided to client machine by any unkown DHCP Server or Unauthenticated DHCP machine.

The unknown DHCP server can be run by any hacker or any intruders(company employee).If it happens your machines in the network will have ip address provided by some unknown person and he/she can easily know the details of your client PC using this and this can turn in to a disaster.

The most frequent affect of DHCP SNOOPING is that your all machine say computers can’t communicate with each other,because few gets ip from original dhcp server and few from hackers server who is using a different network.