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Posted: 3 Jan 2021 in CCNA
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ccna practice test final exam online:

ccna lab test prepared by Satish Tiwary for Networking students. It is Corporate Scenario Based Lab test. Read the Question paper carefully and Perform. You must Read the question paper thrice ,then only you will be able to Understand this Question and Solve it easily.


ccna test paper online

ccna test paper image

To understand the above diagram clearly I have divided the above image in to 4 different parts.

PART1:Subnetting and routing we need on Routers.

ccna test paper

PART 2: Severs we Used in this Lab



ccna test paper server part

PART 3:Routers and related information


PART 4:Switch configuration and Related information.

ccna test paper switch part

Now Question is There are total four Users  in class User 1 User 2 User 3 and User 4 and each have one or more servers connected with different SWITCHES and Different Packet Tracer.

1 stands for HTTP server or web server

2 stands for server

3 stands for HTTPS server

4 stands for server

5 stands for

6 stands for  SYSLOG Server

7 stands for DNS Server

8 Stands for NTP Server

9 stands for FTP server

10 stands for TFTP server


After cracking the code you got the output.

 Now the output first digit will be assigned to User 1 and Second number will be Assigned to user 2 and the last digit number will be assigned to User 3 and the rest will be assigned to User 4.


Note: User1 and User 4 will be a in same Packet Tracer While User2 and User3 will be in another packet Tracer.

You have to use Multiuser functionality to solve this Lab.



How you will find who is user1, who is user2 ,who is user3 and who is user4?

Now To find who is user 1 , User 2 ,User 3 and User 4 among user dheeraj, rahul,Gaurav and Himanshu you need to solve the below code.

Match the Glass Number with similar User Number. Like user1 will be glass 1.

  • The Glass Filled First will be of RAHUL
  •  The Glass Filled second will be DHEERAJ.
  • The Glass Filled third will be user Himanshu.
  •  And the Glass Filled last will be of Gaurav.
  • Each user have email id in each mail server.
  •  PC will be connected with  different switch.

Each user had one account in ftp server and each user password is inverse of their username.



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