Cyber Security

Cyber Security Online Training

Linux Basics Required For penetration Testing
Windows Basics Required for Penetration Testing
Penetration Testing Complete Lab setup using Virtualization/VMware/VirtualBox
User and Group management in Linux Server
File and Folder management
Permission management
Package management/Yum Server
Web server Configuration in Linux
Web Proxy Lab in Linux
Web Authentication Lab Linux
Everything as HTTP in Windows7/8/10
HTTP server lab for penetration testing with Authentication
FTP server lab setup with Authentication
HTTP port based security
FTP port based security
Telnet and SSH Server setup with Password protection
Telnet Proxy lab
Proxychain Configuration Lab
SSH Control
Web Server Lab Setup for Penetration Testing
Payload creation and exploiting android device.
Netcat tools usage
banner Grabbing
Understanding Encoding
Brute Force Website Login Page
Hack the Basic HTTP Authentication using Burpsuite or Hydra
Ways to Directory Bruteforcing on Web Server
Understanding Redirection with Hashing and Crypto Salt
Understanding Redirection with Encoding Techniques
ways to Brute Force Attack on WordPress Website
Penetration Testing in WordPress Website using Wpscan
Port Scanning using Nmap
IP and Network Scanning
DNS Footprinting
DNS Enumeration
Network setup in Linux

Linux File systems

Fake File Creation

Disk dumping Disk zeroing and Null Disk

Partition Management

Package Management

Remote Login Program

IP Based security

Network based security

Time Based security

Load based Security

Connection Based Security

Port based security

Malware Detection in Linux

Audit Linux server or Linux Machine

Firewall configuration and Firewall security

information gathering Techniques

Social engineering – Scams, cons, tricks and fraud

social engineering and Web Assessment
Hacking Facebook using Social Engineering
Hacking Gmail using Social Engineering
information gathering using Dmitry tool
information gathering using netdiscover
information gathering using Sparta
Password Attacking through Hydra
Password Attacking through Medusa
Password Attacking through John
Create own dictionary using Crunch
Malware Detection and prevention
complete System Audit and Report generation
Antivirus Setup and Scanning on Linux Servers
Rootkits Scanning and Testing

gpg encryption with gpgsplit complete Lab
Metasploit Framework for scanning services
Metasploit Framework for Exploiting services
Metasploit Framework for exploring open port and other information
DOS Attack’s Testing Lab/Live Demonstration
Webcam Hacking Lab
Firewall configuration, setup and usage with example labs.
Firewall Testing
Testing Web Application Firewall
Load Balancing Detector
Information gathering, Network scanning, port scanning, Service Scanning using Metasploit Framework and other tools.
ping attack/FPS in gaming
Physical Theft
Abuse of Privileges
Unauthorized Access by Outsider
Malware infection
Intrusion detection and Prevention Techniques
Anti-Malware software
Network based Intrusion detection Systems
Network based Intrusion Prevention Systems
Host based Intrusion prevention Systems
Security Information Management
Network Session Analysis
System Integrity Validation.