How to Bypass Phone Number Verification for any Website

Posted: 7 Mar 2018 in HACKING
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In this article we will learn how to bypass Phone Number Verification of any Website.

Learn OTP Bypass for any websites including Facebook,gmail,twitter etc

As we all know most of the sites needed our mobile number verification before accessing there data. If we not get verified they didn’t allow us to access there site or main content. But now it is possible to access data of any website even without Phone Number Verification. Here in this article i will show you how to do that.We will also learn how to hide our original phone number and use a virtual phone number to communicate, to text someone or to call someone and hence be anonymous.

While you reading this article keep one thing in your mind that if you are using the knowledge shared in this article for any illegal activities i will not be responsible for that and you may be fined or jailed for any illegal activities according the level of your crime and laws of your country.So be careful and use it for educational purpose only and awareness.
I am going to give you the list of website from where you can do all this.

WEBSITE 1: The First one is

Remember that this site will provide you USA and CANADA Based Mobile Numbers.

You will get a Virtual Phone Number here and using this Phone Numer yu can verify sites like Facebook,Twitter,google and many more.

The most interesting thing about this site is all messages are deleted automatically after 24hrs.

WEBSITE 2: The second website is

This site is so interesting and helps you to create a virtual mobile number for any situation.

This means now you have to share your real mobile number with person whom you personally know and you want to share your number with him/her. But where you don’t want to reveal your nubmer you can use virtual phone number from this site.

using this website you can message or call anyone without showing your real mobile number.

You can also change your number anytime you want.

WEBSITE 3:The Third website is for Indians and it’s name is

Note: While you using phone numbers from this site use this only for education purpose and not for any kind of fraud otherwise you will be caught and punished.

So please don’t use numbers for illegal activities.

WEBSITE 4: The fourth website in this series is

The pro version of this site is yet not released but still you can use it’s free version to create virtual phone numbers.

This is one of the best site to provide virtual phone numbers and it help us to bypass OTP verification over many sites.

The benefits of using mobile number created over this site is that you now don’t have to share your real mobile number with any site.

Remember Learning hacking is not illegal, only thing illegal is it”s use.If you are using something for harmful activities that will be crime and different countries in the world have it’s own cyber law and no one can violate the law of there country.

Ethical Hacking is used to protect personal data, organisations, country from hacking attacks. If anyone intrested in learning ethical hacking you can contact me and start learning.

I also provide one to one training for ccna ccna-security ccnp Linux-Administration WordPress ethical-hacking and cyber-security. You can contact or whatsapp me on +919509452488

  1. Geoffrey says:

    FYI. You can also use a disposable phone number from if you want to phone verify an account


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