Question Paper for Advance Linux User and Security Experts

Posted: 17 Mar 2015 in HACKING
Advance Linux and System Security Test (A question Paper for Adavance user)


[1]Answer following questions:                                                                         20 Marks
(a) How will you secure your terminals using /etc/securetty and /etc/pam.d/login files ?

(b)How to lock usb drive from kernel?

(c)How to use md5sum and sha1sum to check the integrity of a file?
show it by one example of each.

(d)What is the difference between Authentication,Authority and Auditing?

(e)What are the four different types of password used in BIOS to secure it?


[2]We have a file satish.txt.Secure this file by all possible method,so that it becomes almost impossible for a hacker to decrypt it.You can use split,vim –x,attributes,zip,encrypted zip,chown,chgrp,acl,tar,gpg, commands to secure ur it with proper diagram and step wise commands.
Also show how you are going to decrypt it step wise and with all commands.                                  80 Marks


[3]Solve the following problems:                                                                                                              20 Marks


(a)Write a shell script to add 100 users having no password.


(b)Add a new hard drive to your linux machine inside virtualbox.Then create an ext2 file system,after that convert that ext2 to ext3 file system without any data loss?


[4]Solve encryption/decryption & encoding/decoding related problems asked below:                     30 Marks


(a)Encrypt and Decrypt a file using base64 algorithm.


(b)What is difference between symmetric and asymmetric encryption techniques?


(c) How to encrypt and decrypt a file using des3 algorithm?

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