Web Designing and Web Hosting Question Paper

Posted: 17 Mar 2015 in CMS
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WebDesigning,Web Development & Web Hosting

[1]Explain step wise installation of XAMPP inside Linux and also show how to design an university web site using WordPress. Also show how to host a folder using python.                    40 Marks


[2]Show how to secure XAMPP? Include xampp security along with mysql database.Then develope a Property Dealer site using Drupal.Assuming Your server is on Windows Machine and with proper SEO.        40 Marks


[3]Design a demo site combining html and php in Redhat Linux.                                  40 Marks

Also show an example with configuration of:


(a)IP Based VirtualHosting


(b)Name Based VirtualHosting


(c) Port Based VirtualHosting


[4]Show how to                                                                                                                                       30 Marks

(A) Combine html and php together.

(B) Write html code in between two php code.

(C) Write html code inside php script.

(D)Php Code between two html codes.

(E)Write and integrate javascript code inside HTML.

(F)Write and integrate html php javascript css all together.


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