Posted: 17 Mar 2015 in RAID and LVM
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This is a test paper or practice paper for students preparing for RHCSA and  RHCE certification exams.In this section i have mentioned only RAId and LVM related questions asked during interviews or during RHCE exams.It will help you to understand the RAID and LVM concept in depth and learn the technology in better way.You can test your skill by solving these problems.

[1]Explain step wise working principle of Software RAID1 along with its configuration.Don’t forget to mention how to fail,remove and add a disk to RAID1 devices.And also show how to delete a RAID Array completely and neatly step wise.                                                                              30 Marks

[2]Draw the structured Diagrams of RAID511 and RAID601 along with its Data Distribution pattern.Also answer which one is better? And why? Justify your answer.            30 Marks

[3]How to Partition RAID Device?Show it by taking a raid6 device /dev/md3 as an example along with configuration.                                                                                                                       20 Marks

[4]Show how to provide logical volume redundancy along with performance?Prove it using an example along with its configuration in few simple steps .                                              20 Marks


[5]Create a raid Device /dev/md0  by creating two equal disks from available free space on your hard drive and mount it on /new directory.                                                                             10Marks


[6]There are three disk partitions /dev/sda6,/dev/sda7 and /dev/sda8  having size 100MB of each partition.Create a logical volume named lv1 and lv2 having a size 250MB.Mount each logical volume on lvm1 and lvm2 directory.Anser this question with explanation.                                  10marks


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