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In this article we learn how to create an LVM striped logical volume that stripes data accross the disks and it is very similar to RAID-O.Here we will learn all the methods to create and configure a striped LVM.Striped Logical Volume Increases the performance because with striping I/O can be done in parallel.Striping enhance the  performance by writing users data to a predetermined numbers of physical volumes in round robin fashion.It also improves the efficiency  of the data I/O for large sequential reads and writes.This Lab will help you to understand LVM configuration and also makes you to learn and grab the configuration of striped logical volume.

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This is a test paper or practice paper for students preparing for RHCSA and  RHCE certification exams.In this section i have mentioned only RAId and LVM related questions asked during interviews or during RHCE exams.It will help you to understand the RAID and LVM concept in depth and learn the technology in better way.You can test your skill by solving these problems. (more…)