few simple seo tips and tricks for bloggers PART-1

Posted: 30 Aug 2018 in SEO

Being a blogger the most important challenge is to bring traffic to your blog and which helps you to be a successful blogger.There are so many bloggers who are good in content writing,their contents are also original but due to lack of knowledge of few important search engine optimization techniques they remain behind even after so much of hard work. always remember seo is not any magic it is just the most efficient way to communicate with search engines. SEO is all about telling the internet what your site is actually about and what for what type of audiences your are writing.Keeping overall seo in my mind I am writing this blog. After Reading this one article you will be able to optimize your blog in deficient way although it is not everything. I have tried my best to include all seo related important topics in this one blog.

Even today in SEO content is the King so your content must be Unique and helpful for your readers.

Never ever try to copy paste even few lines.

If you don’t have anything in your mind then don’t write just wait.you can use online free tools to detect uniqueness of your article.

Before writing think how your writing or how your article can help your readers, because if your article or your blog can help your reader and help them to grow then only you can also grow.

Increase the page quality of your blog or website.

Remember increase in Page Quality results in higher PR(Page Ranking)

google Page Ranking is Measured on 1-10 scale.

And in this 10 is highest while 1 is lowest. Higher the Page Rank better for you.

Try to create back links for your blog.

You can create back links in so many ways. You can use guest posting method. you can write a review about any specific company product with high value and detail explanation.

Always update your articles once in a 3-4 months.

Here articles means your already published articles.If you have written a article six months before and if you find anything new about the article must update it every time at least one in every 3 months.

quality of your backlinks are important.

Getting back links is awesome but most important is getting quality back-links. If you are getting back links from blog or websites which have poor ranking and poor PR value than your blog it will not beneficial for you at all.

you can start guest posting and try to write for another blogs this will help you to grow and will give you more opportunity to interact with new readers and different type of readers.

Forum Posting is also an important method to increase your viewers but don’t over write.

You can write in forum about any specifc topics and you can share your blog link there.People visiting the forum ,reading your articles there will see your links and you may get clicks from there. And who knows your article may get viral.

Try to Link your blog in FORUM Signature.

This will help you to become a brand.

You can create a discussion board in your blog or website it will help you. Using discussion board people can interact with you.

Interlink your own blog posts.

Try to submitt your blog to digg.

This will help to gain traffic from digg viewers.

Update your blog regularly.

If you are not updating your article on regular basis you may loose your viewers. Viewers think you are not a regular writer and slowly gradually they forget your blog. But if you write continuously everyone can easily remember your blog.

Don’t forget to write a blog about important event

Like HOLI, INDEPENDENCE DAY, CHATH PPOJA, DIWALI etc. dont forget to write about these festival. You can write at-least few lines welcoming people or wishing people with few interesting and amazing images or banner.


Keep your writing simple and easy to understand and also keep grammatical things in your mind so that translation in other languages will be more accurate.


keep writing over popular topics,technology,event, or news.


Your post must be useful and unique.

You can write controversial posts.

Answer people questions in yahoo Answer or on Quora.

many people ask questions on yahoo and Quora social platform You can help them by answering them and in this way you can build your audience. Later they will follow you, they will follow your blog your social Networking sites Like facebook ,Twitter etc too.

You can Review top companies Product and you can expect them to link back to you.

This is one of best method in modern world seo to gain traffic and create a back link for your blog or web site.

Social Bookmarking is so important now a days.







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    blogging is one the best way for traffic increase.Do blogging and must update it

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