50 Linux Admin Interview questions.

Posted: 21 Oct 2017 in LINUX

This article is all about Linux System Administrator Interview question.Here i will discuss all the questions which mainly asked during Linux system admin interviews.I will highlight the questions which generally all Linux system admins have faced during his interview.

1.What do you mean By Cloud Computing ?

2.Explain the Booting Process in  Linux ?

3.What is the size of MBR (Master Boot Record)?

4.What do you mean by RAID 6?

5.What is swap partition and swap file? and why it is used?

6.Explain the filesystem in Linux?

7.What is the difference between ext3 and ext4 filesystem?

8.What is cache?

9.What is VLAN ? Can you Configure Routers and Switches?

10.What is the difference between Routers and Switches?

11.How will you go to Single User Mode in Linux?

12.What is the Process ID (PID) of init process?

13.What is the user id of root user?

14.What are the special Permissions in LINUX?

15.How will you check free memory in LINUX?

16.How will you check free disk space in LINUX?

17.How will you check type of filesystem in LINUX using Command Line Feature in LINUX?

18.What is the size of PE?

19.What is LVM? How to resize lvm size?

20.Have you configured mail server? any mail server?

21.Have you configured Apache Web  server?What is apache default port number and configuration file?

22.What is DNS ? Explain in Detail? Why it is used?

23.What is the port number of DHCP Server?

24.What are the different types of LVM?

25.What do you mean by SUID?

26.What is the use of /etc/inittab file in LINUX?

What are the different runlevels ?

27.What is the Significance of runlevel 2 in inittab file?

28.You have lost /etc/fstab file? How will you recover /etc/fstab file?

29.How will you check PE size in LVM?

30.How will you define PE size when configuring LVM?

31.What is LAMP? Have you configured it?

32.What is SAN?

33.What is NAS?

34.What are the differences between SAN and NAS?

35.Tell me the name of the directory where Sticky Bit is applied?

36. What are the important configuration files for DNS server ?

37. What is BIND ?

38. What is the role of DNS ?

39. On which port DNS server works ?

40. What do you mean by Round Robin DNS?

41. What is Root name server?

42.  Explain “TTL”.

43. Brief examples of DNS Records.

44. What are “HINFO and TXT Records”?

45. What is Dynamic DNS?

46. What is Split DNS?

47. What is the difference between Recursive Query & Iterative Query?

48. When does DNS works on TCP protocol?

49. What is the importance of MX Record?

50. What is role of $0, $? and $# in shell scripting ?

Very soon i will write the answer of all these questions inn this same article or may be I will write a separate article for its answers.

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