USB Device Projects For Engineering Graduates

Posted: 17 Apr 2015 in PROJECTS
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This article is for Engineering graduates for helping them in their college and University project work and guide them to choose projects.In this section i have included USB Device projects for students to submitt as their minor or majot project.I will mention everything required in this project step wise and i will also include topics to cover in this project and which will helps students to prepare their project report.

Project material requirements:software and hardware requirements

Include usb device basics with definations and answer what is usb ???
Brief history of usb device
Why we use usb ???
Types of usb
How fast is usb???
USB 3.0 super speed usb

Difference between USB2.0 and USB3.0
What are the limitations of a usb  device?
What are the different type of connectors ???
USB as a ram(explain how to use usb device as it if were RAM)
USB as a storage device
USB as a swap space(Explain how to create virtual memory on usb device in Linux)
USB as a bootable device(Explain how will you use a USB device instaed of DVD to install or boot Operating System)
How to use USB as a Multibootable Device for Linux and Windows

USB and GRUBFORDOS(Explain their relations)
How to mount and unmount usb devices in Linux
Life cycle of usb devices
USB Market(current market)
USB Devices Producing Companies
USB Devices in our daily life use.
USB Encryption(using truecrypt)
USB Antivirus(clamwin)
USB Firewall
USB Disk Security
USB Guardian
USB Doctor
USB Vaccine
USB Guard
Mobalive USB

USB as a System Locker
USB as a running Live Operating System
Cracking Password
USB Security

USB Write Protection

Embed a USB HUB into your desk
Three epic new ways to use old usb device
Power usb gadgets with your bike
Patriotic usb powered american flag
Powerfull AA battery to USB DEVICE Manager
Download google chrome os from usb device

Advantages of USB
Disadvantages of USB
Life without USB
Future of USB Devices


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