Linux Test Paper

Posted: 17 Mar 2015 in LINUX

Linux Test Paper for Linux Admins and Linux Learning Students

[1]Solve and brief: 4*15=60 Marks
(a)Explain all the possible commands to lock/unlock,enable/disable and secure a user in linux.

(b)What are all possible way to secure your grub?
How to change hashing algorithm of ur linux machine,show it by implementing it on one of ur linux users.

(d)How to secure ur terminal?how to lock/unlock ur terminal?How to make an user automatically login on terminal 16 and how you will go to terminal 16?

(e)Draw Flow chart Diagram showing data distribution With Basic Commands of RAID 601.

[2]Solve this Problem: 90 Mraks
We have eight user A B C D E F G and H, and user A and B belongs to AB group whereas user C and D belongs to CD group.We have a file inside/ home/tiwary/rasagulla directory name satish.txt whose user owner is E and whose group owner is AB. User owner of the file have full permission to read write and execute and group owner have permission to read write except user B who has only read permission.And others have only read permission except user H who have read write and execute permission.Group CD has read permission except user D who have write permission too.But non of user have right to delete the file.And the file is protected with a password.

Note1:This file resides in a folder where a swap file is also resides side by side. And these both files resides on a logical volume “lv11” and this lv11 resides on a volume group vg00.

Note2: initial there was two volume group vg00 and vg11,and after merging these two volume groups we have now one and final volume group left named vg00.

Note3:volume group vg00 resides on a RAID5 device named /dev/md5 which is created over loop devices.


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