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TOTAL question 1    Total Marks=100    PAss Marks=80

This is an open Test it means you can use Internet Friend and even any faculty even Notebook or Books.


Question: There are total 4 Machines Used in this Lab. If You want you can use More Than 4 Machines.

There will be Total 3 Linux Machines(RHEL) and 1 Windows Machine(Windows xp/7/8/10 or Server)


Users have to design flow chart Diagram with data distribution and coding inside PAINT for RAID 60, RAID100,RAID 01 and RAID 51


Note: You can’t use everything software,your gmail or hotmail id,usb device or any external hard disk to transfer this file from Windows Machine to Linux.


Linux Server 1 have NFS Server,TFTP Server,SSH Server

Linux Server 2 have samba server,HTTP Web server and Telnet server

Linux Server 3 have FTP server and Mail server


Linux Server1 is acting as a telnet proxy server for Linux Server 3 and Linux Server 3 acting as a telnet proxy server for Linux Server 1.


For Windows machines both Linux server 1 and Linux Server 3 acting as a Telnet Proxy.


four Different Websites hosted on Web server ,each for every user. And Each users have to design their website on their own machine and then anyhow they have to send it to web server.


All websites folders are shared through SAMBA to all other Linux server machines.

On Mail Servers Four users created such that each users can login and send email to each other.


The Data on NFS server is synced with TFTP server and hence with Windows Machine.


The data inside NFS Server will be the configuration notes of TFTP and Telnet Proxy of Linux Machine 1.

The data on NFS Server get protected through RAID-1 and that RAID-1 is supported by loop devices attached with file a and b.


Apache Web servers data getting redundancy with Flexibility.

Each Users website have Different size support.(means each users web folders have different size with redundancy.)


Note: File a and b which is connected with loop devices is actually inside TFTP server Directory.





Linux Test Paper for Linux Admins and Linux Learning Students

[1]Solve and brief: 10*5=50 Marks

(a)Explain all the possible commands to lock/unlock,enable/disable and secure a user in linux.

(b)What are all possible way to secure your grub?

(c)How to change hashing algorithm of your linux machine,show it by implementing it on one of your linux users.

(d)How to secure your terminal?how to lock/unlock your terminal?How to make an user automatically login on terminal 16 and how you will go to terminal 16?

(e)Draw Flow chart Diagram showing data distribution With Basic Commands of RAID 601.

(f) How to apply usb security in Linux?

(g)show atleast three different methods to lock and unlock users in linux?

(h)show avg antivirus setup,configuration with it,s configuration file in Linux Server.

(e)Show malware Detection tool setup and malware detection method in Linux Machines.

(g)Show rootkits scanning process on Linux Machine.

(h)Show how to Audit a Linux Server

(e) Explain the Files/Folders with Path where Linux Store it’s Log Files.

(g)Show Implementation of TCPWRAPPER to allow a certain network for all service but block one ip of that network from accessing ssh.

(h)Block ip from accessing telnet service using iptables.

(i)How to setup autologin in a Linux Server?

(j)Why a linux machine always getting rebooted everytime we on it? how you will fix this issue?



[2]Solve this Problem: 40 Mraks

We have eight user A B C D E F G and H, and user A and B belongs to AB group whereas user C and D belongs to CD group.We have a file inside/ home/tiwary/rasagulla directory name satish.txt whose user owner is E and whose group owner is AB. User owner of the file have full permission to read write and execute and group owner have permission to read write except user B who has only read permission.And others have only read permission except user H who have read write and execute permission.Group CD has read permission except user D who have write permission too.But non of user have right to delete the file.And the file is protected with a password.

Note1:This file resides in a folder where a swap file is also resides side by side. And these both files resides on a logical volume “lv11” and this lv11 resides on a volume group vg00.

Note2: initial there was two volume group vg00 and vg11,and after merging these two volume groups we have now one and final volume group left named vg00.

Note3:volume group vg00 resides on a RAID5 device named /dev/md5 which is created over loop devices.


[3] Configure IP Based with space 1GB,Name Based with space 500MB and PORT Based Virtual Hosting with 400MB space with Redundancy and with easy access on client machine through NFS.

30 Marks


[4] show implementation of following: 30 Marks

  1. IP based Security
  2. Network Based Security
  3. PORT based Security
  4. Connection Based Security
  5. Time Based Security
  6. Bind security
  7. For Telnet and TFTP Server.



Total Marks=150
Passing Marks= 80

Test Paper for Linux system admins.

[1]Solve and brief: 4*15=60 Marks