Posted: 19 Mar 2015 in CCNA

IP and Subnetting Problems:(Solve this to test your networking  skill)

If you are a ccna students or preparing for ccna certification exam or you want to start your career in field of Networking,the core concept of IP Addresses and Subnetting is must for you.


TOTAL MARKS:500          PASS MARKS:300          EXCELLENT MARKS:450                 DURATION:3hrs
[1]Solve the following subnetting problems:                                                         150Marks
Find number of subnets,number of hosts in each subnets,block size,off bits,borrow bits,network address and broadcast address for each subnets for given problems.
(a)255.255.240.o    Solve it for CLASS A and CLASS B
(b) Solve it for CLASS B and CLASS A
(c)  Solve it for CLASS C and CLASS B
[2]EXPLAIN OSI MODEL DIAGRAM IN SHORT.                                                                  20 Marks
[3]Is it possible that only 2 pc can be connected in a network when connected with using switches?If yes then how?If no Then why? What will the new subnet mask? Justify your answer.                                       100Marks
[4]Is it possible that will ping with ip if their subnet mask is ? justify your answer.                                                                                                                                                    120Marks
[5]Solve below Class A subnetting problems.                                                                                120Marks
[6]Solve below subnetting questions:                                                                                           50Marks
(a)11111111.11111111.11111110.00000000            For Class B
(b)                                                     For Class A



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