CCNA Theory Practice Questions

Posted: 19 Mar 2017 in Question Paper
TOTAL MARKS:1000                      PASS MARK:800                     TOTAL QUESTIONS:70

  1. Name two technology by which the desktop of a Windows system can be controlled remotely.
    2. How to set router enable password?
  2. Which command set banner on router or switch?
    4. Which command would you use to see router configuration on RAM?
    5. Which is the native windows protocol analyzer.
    6. Why we use DHCP server?
    7. Why we use DNS?
    8. Can ACL can block ftp service for a particular ip address? What will be the command?
    9. Why we use NAT?
    10. Which command should be used to display the routing table of a router?
  3. difference between the ip default-gateway, ip default-network, and ip route commands.
  4. What are routers?
  5. What is a LAN?
  6. What are the layers of the OSI reference model?

15.What is backbone network?

16.What is a node?

17.What is point to point link?

18.What is subnet mask?

19.What is VPN?

20.What is RIP?

21.What is NIC?

22.What is the importance of the OSI Physical Layer?

23.What is a private IP address?

24.What are MAC addresses?

25.What is the main purpose of OSPF?

26.What are firewalls?

 27.Give some examples of private network addresses.

28.What is tracert?

29.What is Ping?

30.What protocols fall under the Application layer of the TCP/IP stack?

31.What is ipconfig?

32.What is the difference between a straight-through and crossover cable?

33.What is SMTP?

34.What is the importance of Encryption on a network?

35.How does RIP differ from EIGRP?

  • 36.What are the different memories used in a CISCO router?
  • 37.What is Route Poisoning?
  • 38.What are the different types of passwords used in securing a CISCO router?
  • 39.Mention what is the size of IP address?
  • 40.In how many ways you can access router?
  • 41.Mention what does the clock rate do?
  • 42.difference between half-duplex and full-duplex?
  • 43.How to password protect Auxilary (AUX Port) Port

44.How to password protect VTY Ports (Telnet Ports)?

45.How to password protect Privileged Mode?

46.How to password protect Console Port?

47.Convert ip in to binary format

48:write administrative distance of static route,default route,rip,eigrp and ospf

49:Design a NAT topology diagram showing network address translation

50:writw command for telnet configuration(all method)

51:what is ip address?

52: No of bits in an ip address

53:No of Bytes/Octates in Ip address?

54:Types of ip address?

55:Why ip address is known as logical address?

56:use of ip address

57:classes of ip?


58:Use of class D and E class IP?

59:What is loopback address?

60:what is subnet mask?

61:subnet mask of class A B and C?

62:No of host bits in CLASS A B and C subnet mask?

63:How many ip a device(pc) can have?

64:use of private and public ip?

65.Write configuration of console password and auxiliary password.

66.Write ssh configuration on router.


67.Explain below command.


Router# show running-config

Router# show startup-config

Router# show history

Router# show flash

Router# show version

Router# show arp

Router# show protocol

Router# copy running-config startup-config

Router# show hosts

Router# show users

Router# configure terminal


68.Design topology diagram with the help of below code.

Routing EIGRP


Cisco1(config)#router eigrp 100



Cisco2(config)#router eigrp 100




Cisco3(config)#router eigrp 100





69.Write OSPF Troubleshooting Commands.

70.Design network topology Diagram using below code.


Cisco1(config)#IP route s0/0 125

Cisco1(config)#IP route s0/0 125

Cisco1(config)#IP route s0/0 125

Cisco2(config)#IP route s0/1 125

Cisco2(config)#IP route s0/0 125

Cisco3(config)#IP route s0/1 125

Cisco3(config)#IP route s0/1 125

Cisco3(config)#IP route s0/1 125






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