Digital Marketing Training

Digital marketing Training

Online digital marketing training

Website in HTML and WordPress

 Ø Static and dynamic Website

Ø How to Buy Website Domain and Hosting Server

Ø How to connect domain with hosting server Ø

Uploading website on Server Ø

Brief about HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Ø Structure of HTML Code Ø

Adding Google Map, Enquiry Form and Live Chat

 Ø Basic Knowledge of CPanel and FTP

 Ø Free Theme and HTML Template

Ø Creation of Business Email id

What is blogger

Ø Benefits of blogging

 Ø How to create Blog on BlogSpot

 Ø How to create blog on WordPress n other blog website

Ø How to create new post

Ø How to create page

Ø Earn Money from Blogging

Ø How to customize and manage setting

Ø How to promote blog website

Buying Domain &Hosting Server

Ø Buy Domain

Ø Buy Hosting Server Space

Ø Get User id and Password

Features of WordPress

Ø Quick Install the WordPress

Ø Create user id and password

Ø Create Database

Ø Create profile

Ø Understanding the Structure of WordPress Themes

Ø Finding Themes and Choosing the Right One

 Ø Installing and Configuring New Themes

Ø Editing and Customizing Themes Session

  Ø Understanding the WordPress Dashboard

 Ø Pages, Tags, Media and Content Administration

 Ø Core WordPress Settings Ø Menu Design

• Introduction of the digital marketing

• Digital vs. Real Marketing

• Digital Marketing Channels

• Creating initial digital marketing plan

 • Content management

• Business tools on LinkedIn

• Creating campaigns on LinkedIn

 • Analyzing visitation on LinkedIn

 • Creating business accounts on YouTube

 • YouTube Advertising

.YouTube Analytics

 • Facebook Ads

• Creating Facebook

Digital Marketing Budgeting

– resource plannig

– cost estimating

– cost budgeting

 – cost control

Search Engines Algorithm

Ø Latest Google Algorithm and updates

Ø Google Panda Algorithm

Ø Google Penguin Algorithm

Ø Google Hummingbird Algorithm

Ø Google Mobile Friendly Update

Ø Google EMD Algorithm

Ø Google Pigeon Algorithm

Ø Google Caffeine Algorithm

Ø Google Algorithm News

• Target group analysis

On-Site SEO: Optimize UX & Design

Anchor Text

 Ø Creating of Favicon

Ø Content Optimization

 Ø Paragraph & Tag Optimization

Ø HTML Validation

Ø No follow and do follow Links

 Ø Internal/External Links

Ø Image Optimization

 Ø Outbound/Inbound Links

 Ø XML & Html Sitemap

Ø Robots file

Ø Canonical Tag Optimization

Ø Checking Keywords Ranking

Ø Header & Footer Optimization

Ø Alexa Analytics

Off-Site SEO: SEO OFF Page

Search Engines Submission

Ø Directory Submission

Ø Social Bookmarking

Ø Blog Commenting

Ø Blog Posting

Ø Article Submission

Ø Image Submission

Ø PPT Submission

Ø PDF Submission

Ø Logo Submission

Ø Info graphic Submission

Video Submission

Ø Web 2.0 Submission

Ø Forum and Press Release

 Ø Free Classified Submission

Ø Google Map Creation

Ø Address Verification

Ø Question & answering

Ø Guest Posting

Ø Local Business Listing

Ø Google Business Reviews

 Ø Other Business Review

SEO Audit & Future of SEO

Introduction of SEO and Benefits Ø

 Types of SEO

Ø SEO For APP and Website

Ø Search Engine Spider

Ø Search Engine Basics

Ø Major Search Engines

Ø Web Ranking

Ø Back links and its important

 Ø Important Web Browser Extension

 Ø Important SEO Tools

Ø Domain and Page Authority

Keywords Research & Analysis

Ø LSI Technique

Ø Initial Site Analysis

 Ø Competitor Analysis

Ø Keywords Density

Ø Keywords Placement

Ø Keyword Stuffing

Ø Page Mapping of Keywords

Ø Title & Meta Tag Optimization

Ø Site Structure Analysis

Ø URL renaming/re-writing

 Ø H1, H2, H3 Tags

Create Text Ads

CPC Bidding

Display Ads & Targeting

Display Ads in AdWords

Video Advertising

Optimize Campaign Budgets


Ø Advantages Over Online Marketing

Ø Introduction to Social Media

 Ø Social Media Strategy

 Ø Network Optimization

Ø Brand Management Strategies

Ø Network Profile Creation

 Ø How Social Media is affecting Google Search

Ø How to choose right social media

 Ø How to generate Word of mouth

Introduction to Twitter

Ø Twitter Profile

Ø Followers, Following, Tweeting

 Ø Twitter Setting

Ø How to increase Followers

 Ø Using # tag

Ø Building Relationship

Ø Twitter Analytics

Ø Finding People & Companies on Twitter

YouTube Optimization

Ø YouTube Profile

Ø Creating YouTube Channel

Ø Uploading video and optimization

 Ø Increase video Views

 Ø Increase Subscriber

Ø Increase Video viral

Ø Social sharing, comments

Ø Video Setting

 Ø Video Manager

Ø Monetization of Video

Ø Using Ads inside Videos

Facebook Optimization

Ø Introduction of Facebook

Ø Social media strategy

 Ø Setting up Facebook and Privacy

 Ø Facebook Profile

Ø What Can You Do With Facebook

Ø Facebook Pages , events & Groups

 Ø Group Pages vs. Fan Pages

 Ø Reach & Engagement

Ø Facebook Insight

Ø Facebook Apps

Ø Advantages and challenges

LinkedIn Optimization

 Ø Introduction to LinkedIn

Ø Creating Profile and settings

Ø Increasing reach and visibility

Ø LinkedIn Groups

Ø Creating Company Page

 Ø Increase Connection

Ø Article posting in LinkedIn

Ø Posting, sharing and Job Search

AdWords Fundamental

 Ø What is Google AdWords

Ø Setting up Google Account Creation

 Ø Billing Methods

 Ø Types of Google Advertising

 Ø Difference between search & Display Campaign

Search Campaign

Ø Types of Campaigns

 Ø Search , Display, Shopping, Online Video

Ø Creating First Search Campaign

Ø Location & Language Settings

Ø Networks and Devices

What is CTR, Impression, CPC

Structure of Ad Copy

 Ø Creating New Copy

Ø How to copy and paste ad copy

Ø Types of Ad Position

Ø Character Limits

Ø Landing Page Quality

Ø Best and Worst Ads Examples

Ø Guidelines for Ads Creation

Ø Tracks to Improve QS of Keyword

Ø Understanding Google Analytics

 Ø How Google analytics Works and benefits for website and app?

Ø Google analytics Account Structure

 Ø Setup an Google analytics account for website or apps

Ø Guideline of Google analytics account

How to add analytics code in website/app

Ø Understanding Real Time Visitors

Ø Tracking of audience in GA

Ø Tracking of traffic source in GA

Ø Tracking Traffic for Page Visitors

Ø Understanding Goal and Conversion

Ø Difference between Bounce Rate and Exit Rate

Ø Technique reduce bound rate

 Ø How to integrate AdWords in analytics account?

 Ø Observing paid marketing Campaign in Google analytics

Ø Know about other activities in Admin Section

 Ø How to generate Company Oriented report in GA