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This is a static routing configuration Lab in which we have taken three routers and total having five networks. To make this static routing configuration little more easier and simple i have summarized this static routing configuration lab in just few simple steps. To perform this lab i have used cisco packet tracer software. (more…)

This is a ccna lab based test in which 7 students are involved and it is a combined test paper.When i say Combined test paper it means every users lab depend on each other.So if some one fails to do the lab then he/she will fails others too.So you can say this is a teamwork. You have to support each other and do the task step wise in some easy steps. Read the task carefully before start

ccna cisco packet tracer combined lab test including dhcp dns ftp smtp pop http https multiuser concept. (more…)

In this lab we will learn how to connect one packet tracer lab with other packet tracer lab.Say we will learn to use multiuser function in cisco packet tracer.To show multiuser function of cisco packet tracer i have taken an example lab showing full multiuser functionality of cisco packet tracer.

I have taken two LAN in different packet tracer LAN1 and LAN2 and using multiuser i have make the computers of both lan located in two different network and two different packet tracer to communicate with each other. (more…)