ccna cisco packet tracer combined lab test including http https dhcp dns ftp smtp pop multiuser concept.

Posted: 25 Dec 2016 in CCNA
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This is a ccna lab based test in which 7 students are involved and it is a combined test paper.When i say Combined test paper it means every users lab depend on each other.So if some one fails to do the lab then he/she will fails others too.So you can say this is a teamwork. You have to support each other and do the task step wise in some easy steps. Read the task carefully before start

ccna cisco packet tracer combined lab test including dhcp dns ftp smtp pop http https multiuser concept.
We are going to use cisco packet tracer software for this lab work.

[1]There are 7 users total. And Task assigned to users are mentioned below infront of each users:

deepit : one ftp server named which has users d1 and d2 with same password as username, and one http server named which support only https and no http. And deepit have one email id with password deepit.

vishnu: Vishnu has two FTP Server one named and its ftp users name u1 and u2 with password u1 and u2   and other as and have one email



rahul : rahul has DNS SERVER which ip address will be and one server which ip will be and two email id and

davi: davi has 4 pc two pc will be used as ftp client and other two will be mailing client and
davi have to upload two files davi.txt and davitech.txt on and ftp servers.


hemendra :hemendra have one mail server named having ip address hemendra also have another packet tracer in which he have two pc one as and other as ftp client. hemendra have to upload a file named hemendra.txt on ftp server and satish.txt on and
tiwary.txt on



preetam : Preetam have two packet tracer opened. One packet tracer contains mailing server having ip address and one email id as
And in second Packet Tracer preetam user has an FTP server named having two users preetam and prince.
vipul: Vipul have 2 packet tracer. In first packet tracer vipul have two pc working as email client.
named and and in second packet tracer vipul have two other email client one is and

anant: anant has one ftp server named and user name anant with password anant and one email
Note:when all ftp servers except got all the files on their ftp server from there client they have to upload all those  received files on anant ftp server named anant will also check whether working properly or not.




If any student is absent them user deepit will have to do his task.
If any other user is absent then user rahul have to do the task of other user.

 deepit can user ip from to
 vishnu can use ip from to 20
 rahul can use ip from to 30
 davi can use ip from to 40
 anant can use ip from to 50
 vipul can use ip from to 60
 preetam can use ip from to 70

hemendra can use ip from to 79

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