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This is a basic ospf configuration lab using two routers. Using two routers ospf configuration have been done in this lab. I have used cisco Packet tracer software to demonstrate the ospf configuration. This if you are learning or preparing for ccna certification or ccna training then this lab is for you. Simple and to the point in just few simple steps.

I hope you can clearly see the OSPF Topology diagram drawn below. And now if you can see you can clearly analyse that there are total three routers in this topology table and total three networks.


In this ccna lab we will learn ssh configuration on cisco routers.I use step by step method to made this configuration easy and clear.
To enable secure access to your Cisco device, you can use SSH instead of Telnet which is less secure than SSH.
SSH uses encryption to secure data from eavesdropping while telnet use clear text username and password which can be hacked or sniffed by hackers easily. So i recommend you to use SSH instead of TELNET. Although you can use telnet where security is not a great concern.


This is a ccna lab based test in which 7 students are involved and it is a combined test paper.When i say Combined test paper it means every users lab depend on each other.So if some one fails to do the lab then he/she will fails others too.So you can say this is a teamwork. You have to support each other and do the task step wise in some easy steps. Read the task carefully before start

ccna cisco packet tracer combined lab test including dhcp dns ftp smtp pop http https multiuser concept. (more…)

This tutorial is all about how to configure static routing using serial port.This is an example lab showing static routing  configuration in cisco packet tracer.Below topology have total 9 network.I have mentioned step wise notes to provide static routing configuration.

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static routing lab

First of all assign ip address on each interface of router as mentioned in topology diagram.Here i assume that you already know how to assign ip address on router.