IPv6 Lab Practice Question

Posted: 21 Apr 2017 in Question Paper

IPv6 Test Paper

Total Question 1           Total Marks:200           Pass mark:50


user hemendra seating on a pc and in same network there is a FTP server,But when hemendra wants to visit the web server which is in Deepit network,  hemendra have to first go through 2002::1 interface then 2000::2 then 3000::2 then 4000::2 then 5000::2 then 6000::2 and then finally he reach the web server 2004::2
There is also a user rahul who is seating on pc 2003::2 and when he wants to go to FTP server he has to go through 2003::1 then 3000::1 then 2000::1 and then FTP server 2002::2
But when rahul wants to vist web server he has to go through 2003::1 then 4000::2 then 5000::2 then 6000::2 and then he reach web server.
When user deepit see there are two more people(pc) in rahul network deepit has decided to block other two users from accessing web server http port but allow rahul to access web server https port only. Deepit also decided to allow hemendar pc to access web server http and https port  but blocked FTP server to access web server http and https port.
After watching all this user hemendar decided to block rahul user to access ftp server but allowed other two users in hist network to access ftp server.Hemendar also decided to allow only deepit pc to ftp but blocked other pc and server in his network to access ftp server.
note:All users have atleast two routers in this lab.
atleast one router of each user configured with telnet and excpet hemndar,rahul and deepit no other PC or Server can telnet to any router.

Hint:Total network 8
It’s a multiuser Lab

http port 80

https port 443


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