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Cisco Packet Tracer : Static Routing Configuration Lab using Four Routers and total six network.

This is simply a static Routing Configuration Lab Showing and Explaining Static Route Configuration using four Routers in a cisco packet tracer.


Static Routing Lab using 3 routers in few simple steps. Let’s Learn to configure static routing using three routers in a circle using cisco packet tracer.

I am using three routers total for this static routing Lab and I am using cisco packet tracer software for this routing configuration Lab.


You can just configure this routing lab in few simple steps:

Assign Ip address on Each routers and PC.

Configure Static Route on each Routers for their indirectly connected networks.



Basic routing lab using Two Router in Cisco Packet Tracer.Learn how to configure static routing using two routers very easily in just few simple steps. networking is not a rocket science,neither you need to know more coding or any programming language.It’s just a concept and once you read it you will surely get it.

Let’s have a look and see how i Have configured static routing using two routers in just two simple steps:


This lab is all about static routing configuration. Using cisco packet tracer here i will explain static routing configuration in simplest way and try to explain you the static routing configuration codes. So you can   easily understand static routing configuration using this example lab having two routers and total three network. I have used cisco packet tracer software to show this static routing lab. In this article i will also show you how to assign ip address on router interfaces and how to setup ip address and gateway ip on PC. (more…)

This is a static routing configuration Lab in which we have taken three routers and total having five networks. To make this static routing configuration little more easier and simple i have summarized this static routing configuration lab in just few simple steps. To perform this lab i have used cisco packet tracer software. (more…)

This is a static routing lab in which we will learn how to configure static routing for a network having three routers inside packet tracer.Here in this  Lab there are  total four network,, and and three routers.Using cisco packet tracer i have shown static routing configuration using an example lab.So i even if you are new to ccna or networking you can easily learn by reading this article.This article will help you to easily learn static routing configuration.I have designed the topology diagram using cisco packet tracer which will helps you to understand the Lab.I have also assigned the ip address above each devices and interfaces which will guide you throughout the lab.

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static routing lab

To make PC0 communicate with PC1 we must configure route,because they are in different network and is connected via routers. (more…)

We already have learned how to configure static route and Dynamic Route(RIPv1,RIPv2,EIGRP,OSPF) on Cisco Routers.Today here we learn how to configure Default Route on Cisco Router.Before configuring default routes you must know why we need to configure it and where we use it.The reason behind configuring default routes is that it has capacity to direct packets destined to networks not found in the routing table.Default Routes are configured mainly in STUB NETWORK.
STUB NETWORK:A network having only one exit interface or only one route to reach the destination.
When we configure default routes,it directs these packets to another router that has the route to destination. (more…)