LVM Interview Questions collections for Linux Admin

Posted: 11 Apr 2015 in RAID and LVM
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This article is all about Linux interview questions.In this article i have mentioned only LVM related interviews questions.It will be helpful for all those students who wants to start their career in Linux Field as a Linux System Admin.This article will help you to explore lvm little more and indepth.I have tried my best to include all LVM related interview question in this single article.If you are already a system admin I request you to post LVM related questions in comment section if any question left.

1.What is the maximum size of LV?

for 2.4 kernel

for 32-bit CPU on 2.6 Kernel

for 64-bit CPU on 2.6 kernel

2.List the importance of these LVM related files.








3.How to extend size of LVM?

4.How to reduce size of LVM?

5.How to check whether your file system is ok or not?

6.What do you mean by LVM snapshot and How to configure it?

7.What do you mean by LVM Mirror?

8.What is Linear LVM?

9.What do you mean by Stripped LVM?

10.How to configure Mirrored LVM?

11.How to configure Stripped LVM?

12.How to convert Linear Volume to Mirrored Volume?

13.How to convert Mirrored LVM to Linera LVM?

14.How to change permission of lv1 on vg00 to be read only?

15.How to rename an existing LVM?

16.How to convert Linear LVM to RAID1?

17.How to convert Mirrored LVM to RAID1?

18.How to convert Stripped LVM to RAID-1?

19.How to create LVM over loop device?

20.How to configure SWAP over LVM?

21.How to configure LVM over RAID?

22.How to configure RAID over LVM?

23.How to limit maximum number of Logical Volumes of a Volume Group?

24.How to remove a physical Volume from a Volume Group?

25.How to add a new physical Volume to an existing Volume Group?

26.How to split a Volume Group?

27.How to combine two Volume Group?

28.How to upgrade LVM Version?

29.How to degrade a LVM Version?

30.How to mount and unmount lvm partition ?

31.Why do we use lvmdump tool in linux?

32.How to create a Logical Volume from scratch?Mention LVM configuration in few simple steps.

33.How to replace the failed hard drive in LVM?

34.How to list the imported Volume Groups?

35.How to activate the volume group?

Note:If you want to get answer of all above question you can visit

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