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Static routing configuration Lab using two Routers and Having three Networks.

We are going to configure static route between router R1 and R2 in this lab with the help of cisco packet tracer.

In static routing Configuration we have to tell the Routers about Indirectly Connected Networks. Although static routing configuration is so complex when network is too big or number of routers are so much.

It is practically not feasible to implement static routing in big companies where there are so many routers. In that case you can use Dynamic Routing like RIP Routing,EIGRP and OSPF.



This is a cisco packet tracer lab in which we will configure static routing using ethernet cable.
I have configure static route in few simple steps using cico packet tracer software.

static route

Now you can clearly see topology diagram in above picture which having 4 router and total 5 networks.

Now Learn how to assign ip address on cisco router inside cisco packet tracer.


Assign ip address on first router:


Router(config)#int fa0/1

Router(config-if)#ip add

Router(config-if)#no shut



This tutorial is all about how to configure static routing using serial port.This is an example lab showing static routing  configuration in cisco packet tracer.Below topology have total 9 network.I have mentioned step wise notes to provide static routing configuration.

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static routing lab

First of all assign ip address on each interface of router as mentioned in topology diagram.Here i assume that you already know how to assign ip address on router.