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This is a basic ospf configuration lab using two routers. Using two routers ospf configuration have been done in this lab. I have used cisco Packet tracer software to demonstrate the ospf configuration. This if you are learning or preparing for ccna certification or ccna training then this lab is for you. Simple and to the point in just few simple steps.

I hope you can clearly see the OSPF Topology diagram drawn below. And now if you can see you can clearly analyse that there are total three routers in this topology table and total three networks.



This is a ospf configuration lab tutorial in which i will explain how to configure ospf.OSPF is one of popular routing protocol and the main reason behind it is it’s property to support VLSM and CIDR.OSPF routing protocol converges very quickly and also guarantees loop free routing.It is famous  among ISP network because it’s open standard and supports almost every vendor hardware and softwares. (more…)

In this article we will learn how to configure ospf routing protocol  in a complex network.OSPF(Open Shortes Path First) Routing can be done on any router it is not a cisco proprietary.Since it is an open standard it will run on most of routers.OSPF uses SPF algorithm to provide a loop free topology.OSPF is also a classless protocol.OSPF is complex to configure and troubleshoot.Here we will learn ospf routing protocol configuration through an example lab.I am going to Create a topology.See below to design topology diagram in your cisco packet tracer.

OSPF routing Protocol configuration is slightly different from EIGRP and RIP.

Router(config)# router ospf process_ID
Router(config-router)# network IP_address wildcard_mask area area_value