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Static Routing lab with 5 Routers: Cisco Packet tracer Lab.

As you can clearly see in this cisco packet tracer lab i have taken total 5 Routers and 6 Networks:

I am going to show you how to configure static routing with this Example Lab.Here I assume that you know how to configure IP Address on PC and Routers. This lab is simply focused on static Routing.


This tutorial is all about NTP Authentication configuration on cisco perform this lab i have used cisco packet tracer Lab.To ensure that erroneous time information is not propagated throughout the network, NTP authentication can be configured. (more…)

In this lab we will learn to configure voip over cisco routers.This is a basic lab showing voip configuration in cisco packet tracer.If you are preparing for ccna voice this article will be very helpful for you.Using an example topology diagram here i have shown step wise configuration of voip lab. (more…)


This tutorial is all about how to configure RADIUS SERVER so that our  cisco router telnet get its access from RADIUS SERVER Configured.If you configure telnet on router it takes password which was assigned to it during telnet configuration,but after configuring RADIUS SERVER telnet will get it’s authentication from RADIUS SERVER.So after its configuration you will see that you will not be able to remote login to router R1 using telnet password,but you can remotely login to router R1 using telnet if you use the password mentioned in RADIUS SERVER.