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First we need to understand what is Etherchannel and why we use it.Actually this is a technique in which we combine two physical interface(ethernet ports) of cisco switch and use them as one single logical  interface(port).

In this way we can combine bandwidth of  multiple ports.It also provides redundancy because if any port fails then still there is no connection loss.One port fails other port will still active and will provide communication and hence provide redundancy.

ETHERCHANNEL is actualy a port link aggregation technology or in other word you can say ETHERCHANNEL is a port-channel architecture in which you can see a bundle of multiple physical links working as a single logical link.


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If we combine fa0/3 and fa0/4 interfaces each providing bandwidth of 100Mbs.
The total bandwidth of logical port will be 200Mbs.
 This is what we call Link Aggregation.

etherchannel lab

Etherchannel technique is known as NIC Teaming in Windows and Ethernet Bridging in Linux.