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Learn to configure RIPv2 on a complex network having six routers.To make you learn to configure even very complex routing easier i have taken this example Lab having six routers and four switches.I found many students during their ccna training very easily configure routing having two routers or three routers but when they have to solve or configure a network having more than four routers they get confused while routing.Even some of students get confused in assigning correct ip addresses and detect proper network.Here in this Lab i have taken a little complex example and solve it in few simple steps.This will help ccna learning students to configure and understand complex network easily.If you are preparing for CCNA Exam this article is for you. (more…)


Learn how to configure static routing when your router is connected with each other using serial port.Here to make you learn static routing configuration lab easily i have taken a little complex example and configured them step wise.If you are preparing for ccna certification exam this lab will help you to understand and configure static routing.

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