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Configure IP Address,deafult-gateway,console password,login banner,telnet,enable password on switch.

This tutorial is all about Switch configuration and we are going to Learn ip assignment method on switch.

Also we learn how to assign default gateway on cisco Switch. At the same time we learn BANNER Configuration on Cisco switch,How to setup Telnet Server on cisco switch For Remote Management of SWITCH.

We also look after the password management on switch Like enable password and enable secret password on Cisco switch.



This is a tutorial showing you how to configure switch for various task.In this article you will learn how to assign hostname to a switch,how to setup motd banner on switch,DNSLOOKUP for switch along with some more configuration related tips and tweaks on cisco switches.This tutorial will help you to understand witch configuration and will be helpful for networking related jobs and interviews.It will also helps you a lot if you are preparing for CCNA Certification exam. (more…)