RHCSA Training available on RHEL7

RHCSA Classroom training and online Training available at reasonable price.

You can record training session and save it for future usages and revision.


Introduction to Linux
Download and Install virtualization Software
Install redhat enterprise linux in virtualBox.
Redhat Enterprise Linux GUI installation with network setup
Redhat Enterprise Linux CLI mode installation with network setup
understanding Linux terminals
Basic linux Commands cd,ls,cp,mv,touch,du,df,cal.date,find,locate,pwd,cat,echo etc
understanding Linux editor vim and nano
Advance VIM editor
input output redirection
soft linking and hard linking in Linux
backup through tar
zip gzip and bzip2 compression tools
user management in Linux
Group management in Linux
Files and Folders Permissions in Linux
User ownership and Group ownership in Linux.
network configuration in Linux
at and crond automation task.
Partition creation in Linux
creating partition on a new disk
formatting file system
mounting and unmounting file systems.
Deleting partition in Linux
Understand LVM
LVM Configuration Lab
LVM deletion Lab
Extend LVM size
Reduce LVM Size
rename Volume Group
Merge Volume group
Split Volume Group
Reduce Volume Group Size
Increase Volume Group Size.
Disk encryption
Apache WEB server Configuration
Virtual hosting using Apache
FTP server Configuration
VNC server Configuration.
SSH Configuration

RHCSA training Fee Details:

8000/- Rupees

Course Duration:

45 Days – Daily 50 minutes to 90 minutes

Course Mode


1.Fee details
Ans: Rs. 8000/- Indian Rupees

2. Duration of course
Ans: 45 Days Everyday 1 and 30 mins

3. Any Training certificate given by you after. Completing the course
Ans: No Certification will be given by us for online training but classroom training students will get
training certificate (For any certification exam you have to write it separately)

4.online class timings
Ans: Timings will be decided after discussion with you.We have different batches and different timings.
Timing will be not an issue for you.

5. Any employee discount
Ans: No Employment (Just Guide we will give how to prepare for interviews)

6. Name of certification
Ans: RHCSA – Redhat Certified system Administrator

7. How can you provide study material
Ans:You can record the class session as a video notes for your future.

8. Any job placements help by you after completing the course
Ans: NO, we will not provide any job but I help my students to get a good job. I send their CV to companies
and rest will be depend on you.

9. What if any day i missed a class then how can i recover that day class
Ans: I will teach you separately missed class, by mentioning the different Class timings.

10. Does you Provide any weekly Training.
Ans: Yes I provide special Training on weekend on saturday-Sunday.