Red Hat Enterprise System Monitoring and Performance Tuning

This page will be filled with RH422 Notes and Tutorials. RH422 is one of module of RHCA which consists of basically performance tuning and system monitoring.

Red Hat Enterprise System Monitoring and Performance Tuning  (RH442) is designed to teach senior Linux system administrators the methodology of performance tuning and capacity planning for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This course discusses system architecture with an emphasis on understanding the implications of system architecture on system performance, methods for testing the effects of performance adjustments, open source bench-marking utilities, methods for analyzing system and networking performance, and tuning configurations for specific application loads.


UNIT-1 Elements of monitoring and Tuning

What is performance tuning?

Performance Analysis in Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Performance Tuning in Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Monitorings vs Profiling

Before Tuning the Kernel

Kernel Tunables

Performance Management

Sample Application Model

Sample Hardware Model

Develope a Model

Quantifying performance

Metrics(Latency,Think Time,Bandwidth,Throughput,Response Time,Utilization,Service Time,Queue length)

OS/hardware/infrastructure layers


Performance level agreements


UNIT-2 Graphical Reporting


Configuring MRTG

Creating a dashboard in MRTG

Creating a custom script

Scheduling a custom script

Installing iostat and sar

Ad-hoc utilities

Hardware Information gathering

sysfs and proc filesystem

System Process Queues

Viewing Processes

System Activity Reporter

I/O performance

Tuning the system

sysctl utility

Module parameters

Passing parameters

Recovering from tuning attempts

Generating Reports

The awk programming language



Disk benchmarking

Benchmarking the network


 UNIT-3  Simple Network Monitoring


Management Information Base 

The MIB hierarchy 

Referring to MIB objects

Reading a MIB file

Installing SNMP packages

Finding MIB objects

Using SNMP v1 for queries

Using SNMP v3 for queries

Configuring the SNMP client

 Enabling the SNMP agent

Profiling SNMP host access controls

Configuring SNMP v1 access

Configuring SNMP v3 access

Beyond RH442: Extending snmpd






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