Bug Bounty Training

Ethical Hacking Tuition center

Web Bug Bounty Training

Introduction to the world of Security Audits and Ethical Hacking

Types of Hackers

How much and where can i earn from ethical hacking
Disclaimer And Requirements

Setting Up your own pentesting lab

Grabbing Tools
Installation Of Virtual Box

Installing Kali Linux

Tour of VB & Kali

Installing Metasploitable In Virtualbox

Getting friendly with Linux & security related command’s crash course

Important Network Settings & Command

Basic Terminal Commands

Maintaining file permissions in Linux

More Terminal Security Related Commands

Maintaining Anonymity
Installing tor, onion routing and dark net

Do’s & Don’t of Tor Browser
Proxychaining and DNS leaktest

Changing the by default mac address of your kali machine

Changing your mac address

Information gathering with Kali Linux and Web Applications


Zone Transfer Vulnerability

Information Gathering With Dig Tool

DNS Tracing & Wireshark Overview

Information Gathering With Web Applications

Finding other domains on same server
Finding Subdomains and facebook subdomain brute force report studying

Introduction to Web Pentesting & DVWA testing Environment

Introduction to Web Pentesting

Configuring DVWA in Kali

DVWA Error Solving

Command Injection (Low-Medium-High), Mitigation and Incident Case Study

What is Command Injection & CI Low Level Breach

Command Injection – Breaching Medium Level Security

Command Injection : Breaching High Level

Command Injection Mitigation & Secure Code writing Logic

Remote Code Execution Incident Report

Insecure Session Management & Cookie Manipulating Flaw

Insecure Session Management & Cookie Manipulating Flaw

What is Cross Site Request Forgery? CSRF Attacks & Mitigation
What is Cross Site Request Forgery? CSRF Attack Part 1
CSRF Part 2
CSRF Part 3

Burpsuite complete training with fundamentals
HTTPS Fundamental & Request-Response Method
Introduction and configuring burpsuite
Importing HTTPS certificate in burpsuite
Understanding all the modules of Burpsuite

Vulnerability specialist

File upload vulnerability

File upload vulnerability (Low)

File Upload Vulnerability (Medium)

File Security

File inclusion vulnerability

Local and remote file inclusion (Low Level)

Local and remote file inclusion (Medium & High Level)


SQL Injection

SQL Master-Lab Setup & What is database?

SQL Fundamentals

What is ID, Joining and Breaking the query in SQL

Selecting Vulnerable Column and Fetching Database Name

Dumping the dabatabase information

SQL Method resource file


Boolean injection and automation with SQL Injection

Boolean Based Queries & Fundamentals

Boolean Based Live example


Cross Site Scripting

Cross site scripting

Reflected XSS

Stored XSS & Yahoo cookie stealing tale

DOM Based XSS & Google app security lab with Mitigation


Brute Force Attacks, OTP Bypass & Payment Gateway Bypass

In this tutorial we will Brute force the password with burpsuite

Brute Forcing Passwords

OTP bypass live demonstration, facebook OTP bypass & Payment Gateway Bypass

Pentesting with automated tools, report and POC making

Pentesting reports & POC making with Parrot

Automation with owasp Zap

Httrack, WPScan & Accunetix overviews with final words