Single Router working as Multiple DHCP Server:Packet Tracer Lab

Posted: 18 Jan 2017 in CCNA
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Here in this lab we will see how to easily configure your cisco router to work as multiple DHCP SERVER.To perform this lab i have here used Cisco Packet Tracer Software and using packet Tracer lab i will show you an example to configure multiple DHCP Server on single Router. Here in this Lab Router0 will work as multiple DHCP Server. So now it’s time to perform the lab step wise in few simple steps.


Step1: First of all assign ip addresses to each of Router Interfaces as mentioned in diagram and do routing whatever routing you want doesn’t matter.You can do static routing,rip routing,EIGRP Routing or OSPF Routing

dhcp server on router


Step2: Now configure Router0 to Work as DHCP server for both and  Network.

For that we have to create two different DHCP POOL. one for network and another for network


Router(config)#ip dhcp pool one






Router(config)#ip dhcp pool three






Step3:Now go to Router1 and Gi0/1 interface and run the below code.

Router(config)#int g0/1

Router(config-if)#ip helper-address


Step4:Now go to PC1 and select DHCP option and you will see the below output.dhcp client packet tracer

it’s output will tell everything about your configuration.

If you see the ip address same then you have configured your DHCP server correctly.

If not then you need to Troubleshoot.Something wrong has been configured by you.
First check the ip address you have assigned correctly or not.
Then check whether you have mentioned ip helping address on second router or not.


Step5:If you want to see the ip address of client along with their Mac Addresses type below command on your Router.


Router#show ip dhcp binding

IP address Client-ID/ Lease expiration Type

Hardware address    0040.0B24.2CA8 -- Automatic




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