If you are a gamer or you are geek but loves to play games some times and you find your PC or LAPTOP little slower then this article is for you. Whenever you play games and face that your PC getting slow the first thing comes in your mind is to change or update your hardware.But there are lots of things you must do before
upgrading and changing your hardware which can boost up your PC and you can play games even without updating or changing your system hardware.

Now read carefully what you have to do before you start playing games.I am gong to mention few points and you have to follow it if you dont want to upgrade your PC or Laptop.

Below are some tricks to upgrade or boost your PC for Gaming Purpose:

1. Regular Maintenance of Your Laptop or PC.

You might don’t believe that electronics components need to be take care of on regular interval for better performance.Like keep your Motherboards Dust Free.There must not be dust on Your RAM.Your CPU FAN is working Properly. Many systems slows down because of
their RAM not functioning properly.Suppose you have two slots of 8GB RAM and due to DUST one slot of 8 GB RAM is not working properly and you are not aware of it because your all official works getting done very easily in even 8GB RAM but when it comes to gaming you feel the need of more RAM.So before buying a new RAM just check your RAM again by cleaning it many times it works.


2. Use Proper Hardware:

Better Hardware in the Terms of HARD DRIVE:
When i say use proper hardware i mean basic hardware required fror gaming must be of
good quality.

Proper hardware means use SSD hard disk instead of using general SATA or PATA Hard drive.


Better hardware in terms of RAM:
Use proper RAM like if you are talking about DDR2 and DDR3 RAM better to have DDR3 RAM.

Better hardware in terms of Processor:
Use latest generation Processor.Generation really matters a lot.If there are 4 persons having same RAM same HARD DRIVE but one have 2nd generation Laptop of same Model other have 3rd generation Model other have 4th generation Model processor and one have 5th generation Processor then obviously the person having 5th generation processor have more fast PC for gaming and other thing in every aspect.


3.hard Drive Space:

If you are using your PC regularly for different task then after few days there are many unwanted data get stored in form temporary files or junk data.Which further results in wastage of your disk space and also slow down your computer. so better to clean it regularly.

to clean junk data go RUN and type “cleanmgr” there without Quotation mark and then you have to simply follow the simple steps like ok ok .

4.Keep Update Drivers:

All Graphics card making Companies also provides there drivers updates time to time to enhance the power of GPU DEVICES.And if you are updating your graphics drivers or you are up to date then you can even play newly launched games on Your PC and Laptop very smoothly.


5.Uninstall or remove unnecessary software’s.

Remember the more software you install the more your system will get slower.So install only those apps which you required daily.

Suppose you need Photoshop software only once in a month so please don’t keep it installing in your system for ever.Just install it when you need it and then uninstall it after work done.

While uninstalling keep in mind proper uninstall is required. I suggest you to use Revo Uninstaller software for uninstalling software’s and use Advance options available in Revo software which also removes the data entry from registry of your PC.
Also after uninstalling any large softwares don’t forget to defrag.


6.Equip yourself with right accessories:

you must have decent mouse and Keyboard because if you have everything ok but if even these small things are not good you can’t enjoy the proper gaming experience.
Eliminate Unnecessary shortcuts on Desktops and Applications In The Background:
Remember if many applications are running in background then they are consuming a part of your RAM and Processor which will results in slow down of your PC and ruin your gaming experience.

So before start playing your GAME make sure you have stopped all unnecessary applications running in background.

Also if you have lots of short cuts on your Desktop it will consume more Memory because shorcuts on Desktops are stored over RAM which means they are consuming your memory which you can use for your gaming.So try to keep less shortcuts on Desktop as much as
possible for you.


7.Update your Hard Drive to SSD hard disk

SSD hard drive is 10 times faster than your normal hard disk


WHAT if everything FAILS?

If everything you have tried above fails then you have to upgrade your hardware.But this should be your last option not first option.

I love to hear any suggestions from you guys.If you know any other idea or tricks to optimize the performance of your PC or Laptop for gaming you can share with us through below comment section.


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